Interview with Josh Bunce, CEO at inurface Group

inurface Media is a UK based Audio Visual & technology solutions company. Launched in 2008 twelve years on the business has grown and now supports clients in over 30 countries and installs, on average, over 1 billion LED and LCD pixels every month

We work in close collaboration with some of the UK’s, and arguably the worlds, greatest iconic brands to capture and retain their audience attention.

The videos in a shop window on the high street that entice you in, the big screens past in your car that encourage you to search for a brand and find out more, the touch screens used that make visiting somewhere easier are just some examples of the technology we work with our clients to create and operate.

We help brands engage with their consumers, build consumer loyalty, bringing their physical spaces into the digital world and allow them to interact with their customers on a new level.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It was in a pub in Australia that the idea for inurface was first born.

On seeing a screen on the pub wall, I wondered what potential there was to use similar screens back in the UK to sell advertising space to businesses that could be controlled remotely.

Since then the brand has grown and evolved, no longer simply selling advertising space we now work with brands and businesses to offer bespoke, innovative, and engaging solutions for communicating messaging in a huge number of ways.

inurface support business from the idea, through installation and once in place with upkeep and maintenance. A full, and expert, end to end solution.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be bold and think out of the box. Know your brand and your worth.

The worst that someone can often say to you is no and while that might mean a temporary confidence hit it is often these experiences that are the most beneficial in terms of tailoring your offering and improving your brand.

What can we hope to see from inurface in the future?

I hope that inurface will continue to grow and cement our long-term position as a leader in the audio-visual marketplace. I want to be known for not only delivering what we promise but over delivering whenever possible and continuing to lead the field in terms of innovation; it’s this mentality that not only means we win business but that we retain it.

We’ve worked with a huge number of exciting and world-renowned brands in the last few years and I look forward to a future working with more brands on more projects we can be proud of in the future.