Interview with Josie North, Co-Founder of The Printable Mask Co.

Josie North

We caught up with Josie North, co-founder of The Printable Mask Co, to talk about how a desire to be fashionable whilst wearing face coverings led to her latest venture in lockdown…

Tell us about Printable Mask Co

We have two products; Mask Of The Day and Your Face Mask kits, both of which enable you to craft a mask to coordinate exactly with any outfit you’re wearing, or even just create something to match your mood that day, at the touch of a button.

You take a picture of your outfit, or a silly selfie, or whatever takes your fancy that day and then our patented technology creates a template that matches the image you uploaded, which can then be printed straight on to the specially designed cotton inkjet sheets included in the kits, using your regular home printer. It’s so simple.

Masks can be customised to any outfit or mood

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Well, earlier this year the COVID 19 pandemic affected the whole world, we were put in lockdown, and everything that had made up the ‘normal’ daily life for most people was suddenly taken away. We had to keep our distance from people, could no longer see family or friends that we weren’t living with and face masks are now a legal requirement in most public spaces.

Myself and a lot of my friends felt a bit self-conscious wearing face coverings in public and my mum and I were chatting one night when it dawned on us that younger people might feel more comfortable wearing a face mask if it fitted in with their lifestyle. The Printable Mask Co was born!


What advice would you give to other women looking to start their own business?

Don’t be afraid to just go for it and don’t give up! I’m honestly not saying it’s easy, because it will involve a lot of long days but if you’re really passionate about something, there’s a good chance that others will feel the same way too. What I’ve learned is that you have to make yourself heard, no one is going to give you an easy ride to success. Plus, I believe that you’re better off at least giving something a try, than always wondering what if….

What can we hope to see from Printable Mask Co in the future?

Lots more we hope. Watch this space!