Interview with Juan Miguel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder at Enterprise Software Company: Finboot

Finboot is an enterprise software company that enables future-looking enterprises to take advantage of the transformative power of blockchain. Our mission is to accelerate the delivery of digital technologies and facilitate their adoption in enterprise environments. We do all of this by leveraging the power of our blockchain middleware and application suite MARCO.

To better understand MARCO, we like to highlight three features:

1) MARCO delivers out-of-the-box enterprise software applications, which means it does not require any bespoke technology development.

2) As a result of this, MARCO enables rapid experimentation and validation of business cases, leading to a fast return on investment.

3) Finally, MARCO has been designed to be blockchain-agnostic, which gives our customers flexibility and ensures that their digitalisation strategies are future-proofed.

Finboot is run by a tightly knit team with complementary skills from building, launching and scaling technology businesses. Technologically, our experience extends across several different areas, including cybersecurity, e-voting, e-commerce, quantum technology and, of course, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. We are highly experienced at building technology products and delivering them to sectors such as Oil & Energy, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, and many others.
Finboot's MARCO Recognised by World Economic Forum as an Example of  Successful Blockchain Implementation in Supply

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

To understand the need for MARCO, we need to look at blockchain as an enabling technology in digitalisation and sustainability strategies. Enterprises already recognise the transformative power of blockchain, but when it comes to implementation, we have encountered what we describe as the “blockchain gap”, which is the inability to operate an emerging technology in a poorly digitised ecosystem.

As a result, we created MARCO to remove all complexities and focus on delivering business value. Today, MARCO powers two key applications, BLOCKSTAMP and TRACK & TRACE; BLOCKSTAMP facilitates document management and reconciliation, while TRACK & TRACE enables digitalisation of the supply chain.Set featured image

The idea for MARCO dates back to 2015, when the founders of Finboot were seeing the rise of a new wave of digital transformation and a fundamental change in how companies were approaching sustainability. As technologists, we were also witnessing the rise of blockchain: although it was originally linked to financial services, particularly payments, we foresaw the value of introducing blockchain to the enterprise sectors in which we had experience.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

There are two very valuable traits that I believe every entrepreneur should have. They must be open to criticism, while also retaining confidence in their ideas. One of the best ways to grow professionally and constantly improve your business is by accepting criticism and learning from it. That said, we must never forget that our hard work and revolutionary thinking is what drives us, and every success we have along the way should reinforce our self-belief. We may accept criticism, but we must always stay true to our vision and defend it when necessary.

What can we hope to see from Finboot in the future?

By fulfilling our mission of accelerating the delivery of digital technologies and facilitating their adoption in enterprise environments, we expect to become an essential partner for companies of all sizes across all sectors, generating future ecosystems of trust, collaboration and transparency.

As businesses strive to achieve their digitalisation and sustainability goals, Finboot will provide leading enterprise software services to accelerate their transformation journey, while simultaneously guaranteeing a return on investment. Salesforce revolutionised the way enterprises approach sales with CRM and SAP redefined the way internal resources are managed within enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Finance: in the future, Finboot hopes MARCO will serve as the connective tissue between companies’ multiple internal systems, enabling cross-company collaboration and data exchange.