Interview with Katya Linossi, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearPeople

ClearPeople began after the birth of my first child. My employer at the time offered such poor maternity pay, I made the decision to quit my job and start an inclusive business that offered better options than I had.

I always knew I wanted to run my own company, and with my previous IT experience and talent for helping companies with their digital projects, I had the skillset to create a great business offering. This is how ClearPeople was born.

ClearPeople provides companies digital workplace solutions. The idea for our product, ‘Atlas’, was conceived around a dinner table during one of our off-site leadership sessions. We were brainstorming how to move from being a professional services company to a product-focused business and so, taking inspiration from our most successful client project, we created a solution that now helps companies across the globe.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

My best advice for any aspiring entrepreneur would be to be brave. Overcoming fear isn’t always the easiest but, in order to succeed, it has to be done. Also, a strong sense of self-belief will help you set and accomplish goals.

To be an entrepreneur you must be resilient, no one succeeds immediately, people have to work from the ground up, especially in today’s climate where uncertainty is the norm. You will have to accept there will be challenges along the way and some people won’t understand your vision. For anyone who says “that can’t be done”, make it your mission to prove them wrong. You will get knocked down along the way, but make sure to pick yourself up and start over again.


What can we hope to see from ClearPeople in the future?

From a company perspective, we hope to continue our expansion internationally and become the leading digital workspace product for Microsoft 365. Initially, we joked about this, but we like to set the bar high and so added it to our three year plan. We want to be the company to make knowledge management famous for Microsoft​.

​From a personal perspective, I am on a mission to make workplaces more inclusive. As more companies embrace the blended model of work in the post-pandemic world, they need to start being more inclusive and transparent for all employees – it will no doubt make them more successful in the long-term.
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