Interview with Ketan Shah, Co-Founder and Director at Care Company: PredicAire

Care homes provide a vital service to the most vulnerable in society, however, Social Care provision is still largely paper-based, labour intensive and prone to failures. Seismic changes in the sector, along with exponentially costly delivery of care to an ageing population, put providers under extreme pressure to deliver high quality, affordable care.

Current care home management solutions (CMS) only deliver computerised versions of the legacy paper-based processes that have existed for decades. These are mostly fragmented solutions requiring multiple licenses and fees for providers. No platform currently exists under a single data eco-system to bring together superior digital care management in an intuitive, easy-to-administer, holistic way to support effective regulatory compliance and maximise care delivery.

PredicAire provides the solution – the first holistic CMS powered by Ai, giving care providers meaningful real-time insights on their residents’ health and wellbeing, enabling them to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes. It is a seamless single sign-on cloud-based system, available on multiple devices, which empowers users by providing the right tools at their fingertips.

Our vision as founders is to create the world’s first AI-enabled integrated CMS using responsible technology that optimises resident and staff wellbeing within an intuitive, secure, and safe digital environment.

PredicAire has launched into two care homes in the East of England, and will be available to all care providers in early 2021.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We have experienced both sides of care provision, and in early 2019 we identified that existing CMS was lacking for both providers and recipients of care and their families. Our core team includes senior experienced managers, nurses, team leaders and carers, as well as individuals with experience in data science and a thorough understanding of how structured data can provide meaningful insights.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Clearly understand the problem and research your market thoroughly to ensure that your idea is credible and that there is a demand in the marketplace. Seek advice and feedback from potential users so that you design the product in a way that meets their needs. Road test your product before full launch and make any necessary alterations.

Find a marketer with specialist knowledge of the target market, if you do not have that resource in-house. Be prepared for the product development to take longer than anticipated, and potential showstopper moments…but never give up if you believe in your product.

What can we hope to see from PredicAire in the future?

PredicAire is only just beginning! Our first release will have everything a care provider needs to run a care facility digitally – from care planning, quality assurance, family, nutrition, maintenance, activities, and staff management, to our unique early warning system powered by Ai. Future releases will encompass connecting Social Care to the NHS, something which the Care Quality Commission is encouraging, as well as introducing a ‘mock inspection’ toolkit and a remote regulatory inspection capability.