Interview with Linda Ghodbani, Founder at Online Home Baking Marketplace: Yummier

Yummier is an online marketplace that allows passionate home bakers to start and grow their own bakery businesses. We allow bakers to focus on the doing what they love: baking, whilst we take care of all the admin stuff and help them find more customers in their local area.

But Yummier also changes the way people buy cakes and bakes by offering more variety and the option to buy exactly what they are looking for all while supporting local small business owners.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for Yummier was born when my son was turning three, and he wanted a pirate-shaped cake for his pirate-themed birthday party. I felt traditional bakeries were too pricey for a toddler’s birthday party, and a supermarket cake full of preservatives was simply not an option for my family, so I decided to bake the cake myself.

I’m not a trained baker, but I love baking for my family. However, as a working mum, I don’t always have the time or the experience to be able to do it myself. After my son’s birthday I discovered that for future cake emergencies, there is another option: home bakers that can create amazing and customised cakes. I still enjoy baking, but for special occasions or even for dinner parties I now reach out to home bakers and my family and I are always thrilled with the result.


How has it been launching a company during the pandemic?

For us, it has been super interesting as we have felt that lockdown has made more people want to go “back to basics”.

For bakers, it’s been about doing making what they love, which is to create beautiful cakes in the comfort and safety of their own kitchen while also earning some extra money in these uncertain times.

Meanwhile, consumers have become more interested in knowing about what they are eating and feeding their families. They want good, homemade food made with high quality products.

What can we hope to see from Yummier in the future?

Yummier was made to make life a little sweeter. We want to help people put a smile on someone else’s face and be there for every single celebratory event of their life.
Basically, we aim to help home bakers turn their passion into a business, by giving them the confidence to know that they can do what they love and earn an income at the same time. We are starting off in London, but as more and more bakers sign onboard, we will be expanding all over the UK.