Interview with Maleka Harcharran, Founder at Haircare Platform: LoveMeAfroHair

Maleka Harcharran

LoveMeAfroHair is an e-commerce store that retails various premium natural hair brands for people with kinky, coily, and curly hair types. LoveMeAfroHair believes that the pinnacle to achieving healthy hair starts with using naturally derived hair care products.

At Lovemeafrohair, we help our clients to achieve that lustrous and healthy hair that they have been longing for because there is beauty in every kink, coil and curls.
Natural Hair Care Products for Kinky, Curly & Coily UK | Love Me Afro Hair

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The name Lovemeafrohair was coined during the covid-19 pandemic. For years, I have struggled with accessing various hair care brands where I lived in the East of England. Additionally, I could not gain the appropriate advice around product suitability.

I also hated my natural afro hair, and so curly perm was my alternative in managing my hair. However, what the chemicals in the product did was damaged my natural hair. Research has shown that 58% of afro hair care products such as shampoos, chemicals, conditioners, hair relaxers, and dying agents contain dangerous chemicals that lead to dry, brittle, damaged hair and health problems.

The lockdown came, and I had to care for my hair because all the salons were closed. My son asked me during the lockdown, mom why is your hair not growing, and do you love your hair?

Not only did this question tug away at my heartstrings, but it forced me to accept the reality that true beauty lies within. I found myself giving my family and friend advice around hair care product suitability based on my research. At this moment, I realized that there must be others in a similar situation, looking for a solution but struggling to find the answers.

I remember thinking that I could turn this into a business, and my partner was very encouraging and motivating. At the time, I was a nurse working part-time during the pandemic, a teacher by day, and felt like I could juggle them all because I am a known workaholic. I took a leap of faith in July 2020 and started Lovemeafrohair online. I focused on providing naturally derived hair care products, hair accessories, and wigs for people with kinky, coily, and curly hair types.

I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of women, men, and children to embrace their natural hair because there is beauty in it.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Since the launch of my business in July 2020, we have seen significant growth in our clientele. This growth is partly due to an application that I have put in on eBay for a small business award. LoveMeAfroHair was shortlisted to the finalist stage, but although we did not win, we have felt like winners ever since.

eBay was interested in our story, and we were featured in various national newspapers and magazines. This exposure led to an increased recognition countrywide. A customer wrote: ‘Thank you for your information. I have seen an advertisement on Sky TV about eBay, and there you were. I have problems as I am in Kent and disabled, have very long locs, and no longer go to London to buy hair products. I wanted to support black business, and you pop up on my screen. I wish you every success’.

It is sometimes very overwhelming to see such a great response and to read such positive reviews. It still feels like a dream.

I am so proud of the LoveMeAfroHair journey, and we will always put our customers first.

What can we hope to see from LoveMeAfroHair in the future?

The LoveMeAfroHair company will continue to bridge the gap between the accessibility of hair care products and education for those with kinky, curly, and coily hair types. We will become the number one e-commerce supplier of naturally derived hair care products.

Currently, we have teamed up with four British brands of naturally derived hair care products (Nylah Natural, Heavens Touch, Aaron Wallace, and Bourn Beautiful Natural) for men, women, and children. We aim to promote more in the future, demonstrating our commitment to growing our local small businesses.

As we are approaching our first anniversary, we will reflect on our journey and continue to seek our customer’s feedback to gain an insight into what matters the most to them. We can then tailor our services to meet their demands and expectations.

Lovemeafrohair is on a mission to empower everyone with kinky, coily, and curly hair to embrace their natural beauty. So, keep following us on our social media to find out more.