Interview with Melissa Snover, CEO of 3D Vitamin Brand, Nourished

Nourished CEO Melissa Snover

Nourished is a relatively new tech and wellness start-up designed to revolutionise the vitamin industry through innovation and personalisation. We create bespoke 3D printed vitamin gummies according to your dietary needs, lifestyle and goals, allowing you to completely customise your nutrition regime and make it more convenient and sustainable.

We’re extremely proud of our 3D printed technology that makes us unique and gives our customers the chance to choose seven different active ingredients out of a possible 28, which are then combined into a sugar-free and tasty vegan gummy that has up to 99 percent higher efficacy and 70 percent better absorption than the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ multivitamins. 

We have big plans for Nourished to help people achieve their health and wellness goals through personalisation and the benefits that can add to your diet.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I have had a number of food technology businesses before and Nourished grew out of that. I used to carry a bag full of different vitamins and supplements around with me and I remember dropping them all over the place in Dusseldorf Airport security. As I was scooping them up off the floor, I thought there had to be a way to combine them together in one easy supplement. 

With my previous business, The Magic Candy Factory, we invested a lot in 3D technology and it opened my eyes to the huge possibilities this exciting tech can have. I’m really passionate about using this technology to give people what they want, a personalised product that looks good, tastes good and does good. 


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?


Firstly, find something that you are passionate about and develop your business idea from there. Being an entrepreneur can be a tricky journey so you have to have a genuine love for and belief of what you are doing to help you keep going through the difficult periods. 

Secondly, make sure you constantly have the end user at the heart of everything you do. Don’t create products or services just because you like it and you think everyone else should like it too, as that might not work. Keep the user in mind at all times, think about how your product can improve their life in a way they don’t know it yet.

Finally, there’s no substitute for hard work and dedication.


What can we hope to see from Nourished in the future?


Since launching last October, we have been growing at a breakneck speed and it is an incredibly exciting time at Nourished. We are in the process of a large recruitment drive to upscale the business to meet the growing demand. 

We have been fortunate through the Covid-19 crisis in that we have experienced a huge surge in interest and we are in a great position to keep growing. At the same time, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve on what we do. One area we are looking at is better personalisation for kids’ vitamins as we believe our product really appeals to children and their parents. Watch this space.

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