Interview with Nicolas Meric, Founder at DreamQuark: Making AI Simpler, Smarter and Fairer

Nicolas Meric

DreamQuark leverages explainable artificial intelligence to provide wealth managers with insights that help them address their growth and regulatory challenges while overcoming obstacles as they adopt this technology. DreamQuark’s ultimate mission is to democratize artificial intelligence, explain and popularize its use, and ultimately facilitate its access to business users who may not have data science training to solve their biggest challenges.

For example, DreamQuark is helping wealth managers provide better investment advice to their customers through responsible AI and directing investment away from non-sustainable industries. By using our solutions, in particular, Brain and our advisor cockpit, wealth managers can identify their next customers interested in sustainable finance and use AI to explain clearly why (and which) sustainable investments are the best investments for these customers.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Before DreamQuark, I studied particle physics at University Paris-Diderot and during my PhD, I became interested in deep learning and neural networks. I realised that this technology would disrupt the way companies process their daily data if we could transfer it from the academic sphere and make it accessible to domain experts who may not have a data science education.

So we first developed Brain, a low code artificial intelligence software for citizen data scientists and business analysts, which employs deep learning to ensure business teams in the banking and insurance sectors build and deploy hyperpersonalization strategies. The objective of our solutions is to help wealth managers grow smarter. It generates real-time highly personalised insights, from metadata and text, that empowers advisors to meet specific growth objectives while reducing the regulatory burden and creating exceptional experiences for every client (even the underserved segments).

Our core brand values are transparency and ethics and we developed responsible AI to ensure that we, as a society, keep control of this technology.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We have been working hard to accelerate growth in 2021 after Covid-19 made it clear that many sectors of the economy are lagging behind in terms of digital transformation. We have focused our efforts on wealth management, launched the development of a new offering and refocused our go to market strategy towards life insurers and private banks.

Our product offering is focusing on the needs of relationship managers. It orchestrates 360° views of their customers with explainable AI to give Relationship Managers, in their favourite tool or in a dedicated software provided by DreamQuark, an hyperpersonalized list of the best investment opportunities for each client as well as automated portfolio monitoring and portfolio rebalancing capabilities.

Finally, we have signed a major distribution partnership with Atos and built a joint offering centered around sustainable finance that is now being adopted by several life insurers.

What can we hope to see from DreamQuark in the future?

DreamQuark has been described as one of the most promising European Fintechs of its generation, thanks to its commitment to the promotion of ethical and responsible AI. Moreover, we have just been named a ‘Cool Vendor’ in AI risk management and responsible AI by Gartner. I am passionate about ensuring today more than ever people from every generation and background are trained for digital professions and traditional as well as tech companies understand the importance of adopting and scaling their efforts around trustworthy AI.