Interview with Nicole Alvino, Co-Founder of SocialChorus

We caught up with Nicole Alvino, co-founder of workforce communications platform SocialChorus, to talk all things from the importance of investing in employees to the development of AI in internal comms…

Tell us about SocialChorus

SocialChorus is the leading workforce communications platform that orchestrates the digital employee experience for every worker. We believe a business is only as strong as its people which is why we built the only SaaS solution that can reach every worker from the front line to C-suite, align them to purpose of their specific role and mobilise them to action. The platform improves the way businesses connect and communicate with their people and delivers workforce insights that serve as a pulse on the organisation.

As Chief Strategy Officer, I oversee the strategic direction and growth of our Fortune 500 customer base – including 10 of the Fortune 50. I am grateful to spend my days with leaders of the world’s largest brands, like Amazon, Ford and ABInBev, both in the US and across Europe, who are passionate about transforming the employee experience.



How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I have always loved building businesses as an integral part of creating positive societal change. I believe that in order to create true impact, leaders must motivate and inspire their people to innovate, execute and win.

I believe transparency and authenticity must be at the core of this winning culture and must come from the top of an organisation. (My Enron experience where my bosses went to jail underscored the importance of ethical leadership).

I founded SocialChorus as I recognised a need in the enterprise, perfect for an enterprise SaaS model to deliver. Leaders needed a better way to reach and align all of their people to the mission and vision of the company to effectively steer their ship and every worker – especially the front line – needed to be connected to the meaning and purpose of their job.


How has the need for SocialChorus evolved during the pandemic?


The need has become more acute as the platform is the communications backbone of the enterprise. The pandemic has shown every CEO they need a way to reach 100% of their workforce in a timely, targeted and measurable way.

CEOs realise the need to create and ensure delivery of authentic videos across our platform to their global employee base – on topics ranging from safety, business continuity and culture. We have always known that agility and digital dexterity is necessary for businesses to thrive and the pandemic has accelerated that forward-thinking and made it a necessity today.

What can we hope to see from SocialChorus in the future?

Our continued investments in ML and AI will give all leaders the ability to deliver impactful communications to drive intended action from segments of the workforce. Our sophisticated data models will deliver insights that become true workforce intelligence which will include predictive employee journey modeling. It’s a very exciting time for SocialChorus!


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