Interview with Noel Goggin, CEO at Conga

Noel Goggin

Conga helps businesses transform their commercial operations to drive more efficient revenue processes and achieve better business outcomes. In layman’s terms, Conga’s products and services simplify business processes, such as creating quotes, contracts or documents, which are really the lifeblood of everyday business. When these processes are streamlined, it helps to drive commerce.


Why did you decide to move to the company?

There are a couple of reasons. The first being genuine excitement about what is currently a thriving industry. Conga has gone from strength to strength and currently serves a global market that is still, even now, in the early days of digital transformation.

Secondly, it is a company that is very much focused on people, as well as the products and services it provides. Conga has an extremely talented team, with years of industry experience and intellectual horsepower. It also has a long history of significant growth, in what is a constantly evolving market, particularly now due to the rise of remote work.

Customers’ expectations have changed dramatically, and businesses – whether SMEs or large enterprises – require far more tailored and technical solutions. Given Conga’s growing product range, it can cover all issues across the business. This means it can serve all industries, whether manufacturing and financial services, or even retail and healthcare. Its flexibility offers so many opportunities in such a growing marketplace.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has brought many issues to the forefront. There were companies that struggled with the initial digital transformation and move to working remotely, and others where the transition identified a number of operational issues and inefficient processes.

Naturally, this changes things for the market. Customers want to do business differently and now require far more tailored technical solutions to their problems. This essentially requires a greater product line and a far broader range of services to ensure software providers can tackle their issues from all sides.

The merger with Apttus has enabled us to deliver just that. Conga can now cover the entire business model and offer full end-to-end commercial operations transformation. If a customer requires a new contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution specific to their business, we can provide it.

What can we hope to see from Conga in the future?

The Conga and Apttus merger means the company can now support a range of industry verticals with deeper domain knowledge. After all, the market is constantly changing, and there are now multiple and more explicit dimensions to CLM; a solution for a financial services institution will be very different to, say, manufacturing. As such, services will need to be reviewed and tailored accordingly, with full end-to-end optimisation being the key driver.

This is something Conga is really focused on and you will see it start to do a lot more in this area over the coming years.

Ultimately, most enterprises are looking for help to automate and digitally transform the entire business process to connect the front end to the back end and establish a true state of business intelligence and achieve real commercial growth. At Conga, its goal is to help them do just that.