Interview with Omri Shafran, CEO of Texas Medical Technology

At Texas Medical Technology, we’ve taken the challenges presented by the pandemic head on by shifting attention to, and developing, COVID-19-related PPE. We’re providing an array of advanced tech and non-tech equipment to empower administrators to monitor potential medical crises and protect employees.

As the pandemic has affected how we manage almost every part of our day, we’ve seized the opportunity to empower institutions, including non-medical, to self-manage employee safety. From monitoring employees to maintaining medical supplies and sanitizers, the company is helping employers meet such demands through a series of smart safety solutions.

We were recently awarded a contract by the Kansas Department of Administration to supply PPE equipment across the state. The company is also an approved vendor for the SE Texas Purchasing Cooperative And Education Service Center. Our development has moved at a rapid pace in recent months, and with the current trajectory, we estimate a $140M revenue by 2022.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My calling didn’t truly come until 2020, when the world stood still and entire healthcare systems found themselves at the mercy of the pandemic of the century. I immediately understood at the start of this horrific pandemic that healthcare institutions struggled with basic supplies and businesses lacked methods for keeping their spaces safe for customers. They would continue to struggle unless someone stepped up and helped.

In a mist of questions and new challenges surrounding COVID-19, many lost sight of the more basic answers. One of them was simply mustering a supply of medical equipment for hospitals, and I knew we were the company to fill the void. The other was providing the technology to keep public spaces corona-free, though this one surely required more creativity. The day after I came up with this idea, I found myself taking a drive down to Mexico with just $1,000 to seek out manufacturing opportunities and to start creating a stream of supplies.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The sudden onset of COVID-19 forced a lot of existing companies to change course, leaving many behind. Texas Medical Technology’s advantage was being born after the pandemic was already in full swing. Its founding purpose was to take an offensive against the crisis while others played defense.

Still, the challenges of the virus evolved and kept us on our toes. We began developing smart new solutions for businesses to operate safely, such as our SafeVend machine providing protective surgical kits, masks, and sanitizers in a coordinated manner. We also developed SaniDrone, a drone that safely maneuvers operational challenges in the construction process of large structures, including sports stadiums.

As demand began to catapult, we needed to move production out of Mexico in order to better supply the market. After recognizing that we could produce Personal Protection Equipment locally in the U.S., we created a 144,000-square-foot gown factory in Texas, which now employs 550 workers.

What can we hope to see from Texas Medical Technology in the future?

The idea was initially to tackle the pandemic… But with increasing awareness around safety and hygiene, we’ve already started formulating products that would help institutions conduct operations with contactless solutions that go beyond our current crisis.

The more we worked with hygiene protocols, the more we realized that many of the disinfectant and hygiene products used today contain harmful chemical additives that can irritate a person’s skin, as well as pose a danger to surrounding electronics. As such, we recently partnered with Proguardeum, a leading provider of environmentally-sustainable, pharmaceutical-grade disinfectants, in order to offer safer, more sustainable applications for our solutions in the long term. Our development has been moving at a rapid pace since creation, and with the current trajectory, we estimate a $140M revenue by 2022.