Interview with Paul Twite, Managing Director EMEA of Toluna

We caught up with Paul Twite, Managing Director of Toluna, to talk all things from the importance of data in real-time to how they’ve helped businesses adapt to consumer needs during COVID-19…

How did Toluna begin?

Toluna was founded in 2000 by our CEO and Founder Frederic Charles Petit. His vision was to democratise and digitalise consumer research, at a time when research practices were rooted in legacy methodologies and data collection techniques.

Following Toluna’s inception was a series of innovations that challenged the industry to evolve, starting with simple online surveys and evolving to real-time community feedback.

Today, Toluna integrates multiple data sources and automated research solutions to help customers make critical business decisions in real-time.


What does Toluna do and what are its main services?

Toluna is built on a foundation of great technology and great people.

Our Toluna Start platform, which launched this month, is the only truly integrated solution for digital consumer research. It empowers businesses to get instant feedback from more than 30 million consumers in over 68 countries and make agile and robust business decisions.

Within the platform, you can ask consumers questions, host discussions, and integrate other online data sources, such as browser and purchase behavior, all in one seamless functionality.

Toluna Start is the culmination of our heritage as technology disruptors, combining world-class research methodologies embedded within automated solutions. We’ve been lucky to partner with our clients to make this ground breaking next step to put consumer intelligence at the heart of business decision making.


How Toluna is different to its competitors?

There are several interlocking factors that make Toluna different.

We invest the majority of our profits each year back into the evolution of our Research & Development team. We built our proprietary technology stack Toluna Start, which is the industry’s first truly end to end solution, entirely in-house.

Our technology is built to simplify and accelerate research whilst including methodologically advanced templated solutions that are robust yet flexible. With our stack, you can access a team of technology or sector experts to help when you need it most, and you can seamlessly engage with 30 million consumers for quality data.

Our panel is also a key differentiator for us. We own our own panel and have access to other suppliers — so users can reach niche targets quickly and easily.

What the future holds for Toluna?

It is an exciting time for the business.

We are acutely aware how these uncertain times have affected everyone across the globe, but we are proud to have helped some of the world’s largest and most dynamic businesses pivot to meet their customers’ needs.  Hearing feedback from our clients that we’ve helped them remain agile and succeed despite these challenges is why we do what we do.

It will also be a pleasure to see the benefits Toluna Start brings to our customers in the months to come. And our team will continue doing what they do best – delighting customers.

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