‘Deep Learning technologies are improving at a dramatic rate’ interview with Pete Hanlon, CTO at Moneypenny

TechRound got the chance to speak to Pete Hanlon, the CTO of Moneypenny, Pete Hanlon, about the company and how AI and machine learning technologies are becoming increasingly relevant in day-to-day business activities.

Could you explain a bit more about what Moneypenny does?

Moneypenny is the world’s leading outsourced communications provider, delivering telephone answering, live chat, switchboard and multichannel customer services in both the UK and the US. We are the biggest and fastest growing company of it’s kind, handling 15m calls and chats annually on behalf of 13,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes from micro-business to multinationals. With a 20% growth each year in the UK and 50% in America.

Moneypenny offers the very best people, engaged in a happy working environment and inspired to deliver excellence on our clients’ behalf. Underpinning our people is our bespoke technology – the result of continuous in-house innovation and collaborations with market-leading partners.


 Would you say that AI technology is becoming increasingly important when it comes to the solutions Moneypenny provides?


Definitely. Deep Learning technologies are improving at a dramatic rate within the Natural Language Processing field, which is highly relevant to the services Moneypenny offer. Research such as BERT, GPT-2, RoBERTa, XLM and XLNet has significantly moved the field forward. These technologies can be leveraged to build more conversational chatbots, more intuitive QnA solutions, entity extraction and more.


 Do you expect more AI and machine learning solutions to be provided by Moneypenny?


Yes. We are working on intelligent digital switchboard technology that will leverage the state of the art in Deep Learning and we are researching natural language approaches to chatbot creation. More importantly, we are looking at how Deep Learning can help our PA’s whilst they are on the phone or working on live chat, so that we can surface helpful information in real-time as they talk to customers.


Could you explain a bit more about the intuitive systems that have been built by Moneypenny?


We leverage cutting edge speech technologies within our Telephone Answering and Pocket Phone System mobile apps, and Digital Switchboard solutions. We have intelligent knowledge bases powering our chat solutions and the first generation Rita system used by the PA’s, learns from caller behaviour in order to present personalised information. We are investing heavily in technology right now to build out our next-generation platform. As we do that we’re asking ourselves how can AI and Deep Learning improve each product we have.


What makes Moneypenny stand out from its competitors?


Moneypenny is totally focused on the customer experience, offering dedicated PA’s that really understand their clients and clients’ customer’s needs. Through years of experience working with key industry sectors, we have built up knowledge bases, for example in legal, property, healthcare and automotive. The synergy of this unique data asset, leading-edge technology and experienced PA’s gives Moneypenny the ability to offer the very best service while operating at scale.


What are the future plans for Moneypenny?


To focus on providing the very best service for our clients, leveraging conversational technologies allowing us to scale more effectively, integrating with market-leading messaging apps such as Facebook and What’sApp, and improving our services through the synergy of highly informed PA’s and technology so we can do more for our clients.