Interview with Philip Marcella – Founder and CEO of Airnow

We caught up with Philip Marcella, Founder and CEO of Airnow, to talk all things Airnow, a scalable B2B SaaS platform that allows users to better understand, grow, monetize and secure their apps.


How did Airnow start? Where did the idea for the company come from?

“The idea for Airnow came from the understanding that it had become too time-consuming and cumbersome for app publishers and developers to be able to get the information and services they needed to maximize the downloads and earning potential of their applications. We knew if we could make the entire process easier, we’d be on to something.”


How is Airnow different from other, similar mobile management/data companies?

“Airnow is unique as we’re the only company that offers mobile application developers and publishers the full range of services they need to make their application successful – the ability to track application data, secure their  application, monetize it and distribute it.”


What is the most important thing you’ve learned about (the mobile industry, running a business, etc.) since founding Airnow?

“I have been continually reminded that customers are the best resource we have. For example, the main push behind our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to mobile application services was to deliver to customers what they wanted – an easier, more integrated way to optimize their applications. We listened and responded!”


What apps are residents downloading the most since the lockdown started? Any surprises? What do these download numbers say about how people are dealing with the lockdown?

“Since the start of the lockdown we’ve seen a large increase in the number of downloads for education apps, such as Google Classroom or Seesaw Class, and business and connectivity apps, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, as you can imagine. No real surprises thus far, as one of the first things people have consistently done during lockdown is to make sure they have the tools they need to work or learn from home successfully.”


What are Airnow’s future plans/what will we see from the company in the coming months?

“We’re really excited for 2021. In the first part of this year you’ll see us launch our IPO on the London Stock Exchange Main Market, and over the course of the year we’ll be continuing our growth by expanding into some of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. Stay tuned!”