Interview with Rohini Gupta, Director & Lead Regulatory Advisor at AI Driven Regulatory Compliance Company: FinregE

Rohini Gupta

FinregE is a regulatory compliance software solution that solves the problem of managing compliance with existing and changing regulatory requirements.

Established in 2018, FinregE’s USP is applying machine learning and natural language processing effectively to legal and regulatory texts to automate and speed up the identification and understanding of regulations. FinregE brings global regulations into one single platform and continually keeps an institution up to date on changing regulations. Using machine learning, FinregE converts legal texts into a list of key obligations/actions, making it easy and fast to understand and process the exact actions required to comply with the law.

FinregE connects GRC information to regulations/laws automatically by cross-reading laws against GRC data and finding where compliance exists between laws and GRC, and where there are gaps that need to be filled. Finally, FinregE provides intuitive workflows to process compliance actions against rule changes and GRC changes and to assign and track actions across an organisation.

FinregE provides a solution for end-to-end regulatory traceability – from law to legal requirements to GRC data demonstrating compliance.
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What do you think makes FinregE unique?

What sets FinregE apart is our successful use of machine learning and automation in the legal/regulatory domain. FinregE’s competitors claim they use machine learning, FinregE actually only use machine learning! Our proof is in FinregE winning an Innovate UK Smart Award from the UK government to complete a project in NLP/machine learning for Financial Services Regulation, in collaboration with one of the best colleges in the world, Imperial College.

And what sets us apart is our customer service and customization of software for each client to fit the software around the client, not the other way round. We work as a strategic partner for all clients, rather than just another technology vendor. Our clients are willing to give FinregE a testimonial even before contract signing on not only the superior functionalities of FinregE’s software but also FinregE’s work ethic.


How has FinregE evolved over the last couple of years?

Since our start in 2018, we have evolved into a well-oiled machine. We have not only deployed our products across major financial institutions, but we have achieved what some of the biggest GRC and tech players still have not even been able to scratch the surface of.

This includes our ability to provide real-time, continuous up-to-date content on regulations/laws and legislation, our ability to customise the data feed on regulations/law content based on geographical coverage of an institution, business lines and regulated activities, and our unique enterprise compliance workflows.

Additionally, our successful use of machine learning and NLP in providing intelligent and useful interpretations of legal texts and legislation, which is proven via our endorsement by the UK Government, supports our claims of authenticity and unique capabilities.

What can we hope to see from FinregE in the future?

In years to come, my vision for FinregE is to overtake our Tier 1 competitors and become the trusted regulatory compliance vendor for financial services.

We have also just started working with governments in the UK and globally to help them become more innovative and apply machine learning effectively to start making their laws/regulations machine-readable so that they can be navigated, used and applied more effectively and efficiently. FinregE’s services can also be applied beyond financial services.

Organically FinregE is spreading across different industry sectors and we can see this building and scaling in the years to come. We have already launched a sister company in energy, EnregE, and the plan is to expand further into many other industries.