Interview with Romanie Thomas, Founder at Juggle: Building The Flexible Workforce For The Future

Romanie Thomas

Juggle is a SaaS platform helping companies to find and manage amazing experienced professionals, on a flexible basis. In just a few clicks, companies can employ (hire, onboard, pay) a great flexible professional on a mutually beneficial schedule.

We believe that flexible working needs the technical infrastructure around it if it’s to really become the norm, and when it does become the norm, this (positively) affects the gender gap in business leadership, resulting in more women pushing up to senior ranks. The platform, although still in the startup stages, has attracted over 13,000 vetted and approved senior professionals and 700 businesses.

This number has steadily grown since the pandemic as more and more companies understand that, far from being the enemy, flexible employment is hugely beneficial. Our customers save on average 30% in hiring fees, onboard skilled professionals up to 4 x times faster than the industry standard and enjoy a hassle-free process from pre-populated job postings to the automated payment system.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I was a Headhunter for 10 years and frustrated at the lack of women in leadership roles. It seemed so obvious to me that flexibility lies at the heart of the problem, yet the businesses that were standing up for gender issues weren’t changing the structure of how we work.

It needs to replace the traditional hiring methods of today (recruiters) and that’s what we’re doing with Juggle. We are using technology, specifically AI, to disintermediate the recruiter by smart matching professionals with roles, with a specific focus on flexible working.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Initially, it was tough as companies cut their flexible workforce before permanent members of staff. But after that initial dip, it’s been extremely positive, as companies embrace flexibility and look for new ways of staffing we have seen a real rise in flexible jobs posted to staff some really key roles as businesses start to emerge from the drop.

Juggle is in a very strong position with four years of deep learning in the flexible working space, so we’re able to meet that need very successfully and we are so pleased with the current trajectory.

What can we hope to see from Juggle in the future?

After a hugely successful VC investment round in 2020 that saw us raise $2.1m and now in the midst of a Crowdcube Campaign that is proving to us that our community of businesses and professionals believe in our business, we have lots of plans. Outside of some big marketing and commercial efforts, we are always evolving our matching engine and our R&D efforts have consistently focussed on improvement here.

We now have a huge level of data to work with and this gives us the bandwidth to even greater improve this and further the equality mission. We’ll also start shifting to focus more on the candidate experience now, beyond just getting a flexible job. What tools and infrastructure do they need around them in order to thrive in their flexible working career? That’s what we want – is for people to have an amazing flexible career, without the risk and worry that is associated with one today.