Interview with Rupert Gutteridge, CEO at Hospitality Technology Company: Ordamo

Ordamo provides hospitality technology that tackles real business issues, whether that be improving customer service, increasing efficiency or just boosting revenue.  At the crux of it, we provide a contactless order and pay platform which everyone can use, and both customers and operators benefit from.

Ordamo’s technology means that each of our clients’ order and pay platforms are bespoke to their customers’ needs as well as benefitting themselves as an operator. Operators can make more profit, improve their reputation and receive beneficial insights from their clientele, allowing them to provide customer-centric experiences. Also, the tech is installable in different formats including QR codes, digital menu tablets or self-service kiosks. This unique range of options means there is a piece of Ordamo tech for every dining venue from student union cafeterias to luxury five-star hotels.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Ordamo grew out of the first-of-its-kind dining experience created at Inamo restaurant, where fantastic hospitality is blended with fun and efficient digital experiences. We realised this tech was the future and could vastly improve the experiences for diners and hotel guests at other hospitality venues.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic saw the services we offer become a necessity for many hospitality venues with millions of pounds of hospitality revenue being generated through our online systems since July 2020.

Whether customers visit an establishment for a simple meal, on a date, or with their families, one thing’s for certain, hygiene and safety are still at the forefront of their minds. Digital order and pay solutions are a simple and cheap way to ensure the highest hygiene standards, as well as boosting revenues. Nearly three-quarters of people believe digital solutions to be the safest system of ordering and paying. As a business, we are passionate about the hospitality industry and getting people out and about, this includes future-proofing our customers against any potential social-distancing legislation.

What can we hope to see from Ordamo in the future?

Short-term, we are passionate about continuing to support and work with the hospitality industry, especially with this year’s festive season set to be absolutely business-critical. In fact, we’ve recently undertaken a survey of hospitality workers and found that over a third (39.2 percent) are more optimistic and excited for what’s set to be the busiest business period for the sector for almost two years.

We understand the hospitality sector has been through an incredibly tough time – be that from supply problems, staff shortages, rent issues or general financial problems, and we are keen to assist the industry with whatever it needs from a technology vendor. We have been offering incredibly competitive low pricing with no upfront fees and almost no risk for venues that are reopening.

Longer-term, we are constantly developing our technology to meet the needs of our customers. As our customer base grows, we’re doing ever more integrations from POS to payment to loyalty. Our technology is becoming more and more in demand. Therefore, our team has grown and we are positioning ourselves for international expansion over the next two years.