Interview with Sabrina Chevannes, MD at Full Service Agency: Complex Creative

Complex Creative is known as the No Bullsh*t Agency because we pledge not to lie to our clients, like most agencies in the industry do. We’re a full-service creative agency who is genuinely in-house, with the whole team working in our office in Central London.

We specialise in designing and building low-carbon WordPress websites to help companies reach their ESG and CSR goals.
As a black, female business owner, I’ve often felt a bit lost in the ether amongst the huge sea of white, male business owners, especially in my industry. Therefore, Complex Creative focuses its support to women-owned, minority-owned and LGBTQ-owned businesses, as we feel the need to support the under-represented.
Complex Creative | Top Creative Agency in London, Aldgate/Shoreditch

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We’ve often been called a unique agency because of how we treat our clients – with respect! The marketing/creative industry is known for ripping off clients and not being transparent with pricing.

We aim to disrupt the industry by educating each of our clients on what we do, to help them understand the world of web design and marketing better. Many have felt that this is a poor business decision because then the client can implement the work themselves, but this has not happened.

This has just built up trust with our clients and instead they become a retained client who keeps coming back to us for any of their creative needs.

Our No Bullsh*t approach keeps it real and allows people to know what is really going on.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The company has grown immensely over the last couple of years, going from just 4 people to 14 people, which is massive in agency growth terms… especially over a pandemic.

But it’s evolved more in what we do, compared to employee count.

We are now one of the first agencies in the world who is taking a sustainable-first approach to web design, ensuring that carbon emissions are kept to an absolute minimum when building websites, without compromising on great UI/UX.

I currently sit on the BIMA Sustainability Council and am personally helping write the environmental guidelines for web design that should be rolled out internationally.

We have also expanded our pro-bono scheme, giving away over £20k of business a year to charities all over England & Wales, as well as running charity events to help raise more funds.

What can we hope to see from Complex Creative in the future?

We are working hard towards getting our B Corp Certification. We’re in such a good place at the moment, being recognised as a top employer and having GBC certification, but the B Corp Certification would mean so much to us.

We will be pushing for sustainable websites a lot harder and helping to educate people around us about how they can help protect the environment digitally also.

We are also making big plans for our podcast, No Bullsh*t Talks, which had 40,000+ listens in its first season, so we’ve now developed a studio to record Season 2 in person.