Interview with Sarah Lomas, CEO at REVIV Global

REVIV is a global preventative health provider with 90+ clinics in over 40 countries. REVIV’s team of registered medical professionals are specialists in preventative health, utilising the latest in genetic technology and novel approaches in nutrition to help promote and maintain good health for their global customers.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

REVIV was founded in the US in 2010 by a group of emergency room physicians with a passion for preventative health who saw the benefits of good hydration and optimum vitamin supplementation on a daily basis and wanted to develop the proposition into a service that would make those benefits accessible to all. Our first clinic focussing on intravenous (IV) vitamin therapies and vitamin injections opened in Miami in 2012.


Tell us about your new app, HELIIX

HELIIX is the corporate preventative health platform for the future. Whilst initially starting life as a COVID-19 management solution to address the needs of companies and organisations today, HELIIX will evolve into a highly advanced preventative health proposition providing intelligent functionality to employees to improve their health based on core nutrition and nutritional solutions.


What can we hope to see from REVIV in the future?

Exciting developments in the Medtech space including partnerships with key players in world of F&B and nutritional supplementation, using REVIV’s proprietary technologies to make personal genomics data accessible to all and taking nutritional personalisation to a new level.