Interview with Simon Piekarz, Founder at SaaS Company: GetReve

Getreve is a London-based ‘SaaS middleware’ company that provides a wide range of online business solutions for new and existing companies to white label and offer to their clients.

From online shops and booking systems to video conferencing and sales tools, GetReve covers every possible online base a small business needs to cover. We are committed to helping SMEs from all sectors create new revenue channels, diversify and boost their profits.


Build additional revenue streams


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I spent years building dedicated SaaS products for larger enterprises. I watched how much money they spent on development, how they succeed and how they fail. That’s when I came up with the idea of building one universal system that will give companies of any size the ability to start the internet SaaS business.

Without hiring IT people, without spending money on the development… focusing purely on sales. You take a piece of our software, add your brand and sell it to your local community members. We developed 12 software systems that can be used by a wide range of entrepreneurs.

For example by a marketing agency that wants to build their revenue streams on top of their existing client-base or a simple entrepreneur, a business person that would like to try a new way of making money out of the internet. With the use of Getreve, they can start their new business almost instantly



How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


We designed our platform for small entrepreneurs like restaurants, shops, barbers. Those people suffered mostly during the pandemic. Our tools helped them to survive and recover from the pandemic by taking their business to the internet.

The number of entrepreneurs using our software exploded during those hard times reaching a volume of about 15,000 companies. The current situation forces people to look at the internet not as a temporary solution or an add-on to their existing business but as a need. A need for software that can protect them from the situations like a pandemic.


What can we hope to see from GetReve in the future?


We’re building one universal standard for SaaS products. The standard that can be easily understood by an average business person and at the same time adopted by key players on the market. We have a vision of creating a set of tools that can help to create jobs of the future, especially for a young generation that sees the internet differently, as something obvious. We work on expanding our portfolio of products.

Shortly you will see additional getreve services such as a billing system that will allow building a brand new type of business models based on recurring subscriptions and dynamic billing. We will also offer a backbone system that allows everyone to build a sharing economy, Uber-type of business. Another example of the platform we will be deploying is MIP, the system for building your marketplace.

In Q3 we want to deploy a whitepaper of our standardized system called SPI “Solution Programming Interface” that we would like to promote in the world of SaaS building one unified platform for everyone