Interview with Stacey Hollands, Founder & CEO of Lust Minerals

We caught up with Stacey Hollands, founder & CEO of Lust Minerals, to talk all things from the importance of using natural beauty products, to how her experience with acne led to her newest venture…

Tell us about Lust Minerals

At Lust we provide our customers the best in clean makeup and skincare. In the past there has been a big difference between natural products and products that actually work. We are closing that gap by incorporating the highest quality and concentration of natural products with new technology and R&D that brings to life cleaner alternative makeup and skincare that actually works. Our makeup is sweatproof, breathable AND lasts all day, in the past to you couldn’t get all these properties without the use of scary chemicals, preservatives and fillers.

How did you come up with the idea for Lust Minerals?

As a teenager suffering from acne I used the best products on my skin that were available at the time. I was so embarrassed and self-conscious about my acne so I would cover it up with traditional makeup – this makeup would cover my acne but the chemical ingredients in it were flaring up my already aggravated skin. I was stuck in the vicious cycle of having to keep using the makeup. I dropped out of school after year 10 and studied beauty therapy and the skin, this is when everything clicked. From then I had always dreamed of having my own range of clean makeup and skincare that actually repairs and heals the skin that it is covering up instead of making it worse. I had been through the pain and knew I could help so many women feel confident in their own skin.

Why are traditional skincare products so bad for people?

The average woman absorbs over 2kg of chemicals each year through their skin! Using products that are full of ingredients that you can’t even say is generally a good sign that they aren’t too good for you, and a quick google of the main ingredients in your skincare might just scare you. Basically, your body is absorbing all these crazy chemicals so it’s important to ensure you put the right things on your skin.

What does the future hold for Lust Minerals?

We are positioning ourselves to be at the leading edge of the clean makeup and skincare market, we want to be known for bringing the newest and best products to life. We spend a lot of time and money on R&D to bring our customers not just the cleanest, but also the best quality makeup and skincare that rivals and surpasses any traditional cosmetics.