Interview with Stephen Owusu, Co-Founder and CEO at JAXJOX

When we created JAXJOX, we set out to reimagine free-weight equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells and create technology that was built into the products to track a user’s performance during a workout, giving them the freedom to workout anywhere. As we watched the at-home fitness space grow, we noticed no solutions brought together all aspects of training to fit every lifestyle.

There were in-home solutions for cardio and strength but nothing that combined the two in one compact unit. We spent 2 years creating the ultimate community-centric home fitness solution that combines digitally adjustable equipment for cardio, strength and recovery, real-time performance tracking, and live and on-demand content for a wide variety of workouts. The upcoming UK launch of our all-in-one InteractiveStudio will deliver just that.

The new JaxJox kettlebell is basically six kettlebells in one | Well+Good

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs? 


Stay true to yourself, be humble and confident; others may doubt you or your ideas but never doubt yourself – you have to believe in yourself. Also, it’s going to get tough so you must prepare for the difficult times. Find a balance and build a network of people that you can check in with.

What can we hope to see from JAXJOX in the future? 


JAXJOX will continue to enhance our connected fitness experience to reimagine standard gym equipment and add new connected products to our compact solution while creating a fun, motivational workout experience with AI performance tracking and a variety of workout content.

We are already looking at new ways to drive community engagement and deliver an immersive gym-like experience to one’s home — our Workout with Friends feature, launching in 2021, will allow our members to work out with other members and friends and family so they still have the human interaction they love when going to the gym.