Interview with Takashi Sonoda, CEO at Japanese IoT firm: Uhuru

Uhuru Corporation is a Japanese IoT firm that simplifies IoT for mass adoption by orchestrating and co-ordinating devices. Its IoT orchestration service enebular® overcomes three issues that are central to the acceleration of IoT adoption: it acts as a universal connector for IoT technologies, providing a common communications protocol to enable the integration of IoT devices; it facilitates on-device processing, thereby greatly reducing network traffic and bandwidth requirements; and it provides a unified development language and platform that can be used by developers to design, orchestrate and manage entire IoT systems.

Pelion IoT Platform

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


The COVID pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across various sectors. A recent Vodafone Business report found that IoT is now a higher priority than before the pandemic. It is no surprise, therefore, that we have seen a significant upswing in global IoT adoption. This trend is only set to continue as businesses explore approaches to improve business insight, reduce costs, boost productivity and eliminate waste.

Having received an investment from Salesforce for an unprecedented sixth time, Uhuru will continue to expand its reach into the UK. The capital will be invested in cutting-edge IoT projects such as UK smart cities, logistics, asset tracking and facility management.


What can we hope to see from Uhuru in the future?

As the UK Government looks to “Build Back Better” from the pandemic, Uhuru will also further develop its expertise in sustainable projects. There is no doubt that IoT technology will continue to play a vital role in the Government’s sustainability agenda.

Uhuru intends to be at the heart of these developments. We have been involved in developing IoT solutions for UK sustainability projects, including the construction of an open data platform for aquaculture in Scotland. This facilitates the digital transformation of salmon farms and their broader value chain.