Interview With TechJayUK

With the rise in YouTube and its host of talented influencers, we thought we’d take a closer look into the platform’s tech sector, finding up and coming channels in tech reviews, gaming and more. On our search, we found TechJayUK, ran by 24 year old Jay.




TechJayUK (formerly BarbraWillow) is a UK-based tech and gaming channel that specialises in reviews, gaming setups, guides and unboxings. Jay’s videos range from reviews on tech and games to useful guides on running a YouTube Channel, including content subscriber glitches, explaining lost YouTube views and tips to grow your channel.

TechRound recently spoke with Jay, and found out a bit more about his journey with YouTube and the tech sector.


When did you first join YouTube and what inspired you to start your channel?


“I first started the channel back at the end of 2010. The main thing that inspired me to start it up was watching people post videos of their gaming setups/bedroom setups and seeing what tech they had in theirs.”

“I then posted a room tour of my setup at the time and it gained a few thousand views – this then motivated me to keep posting and become a proper channel.”


Can you share with us any plans for TechJayUK in 2020?


“The plan for TechJayUK in 2020 is to release a lot more content than last year. I’m moving into a house with more space and so will be back making more videos like we used to. Having limited space has been one of the biggest struggles for me recently.”

“I’m also planning to review more niche tech content, and continue working with brands to build the channel whilst also bringing exposure to some really great tech (as there is so much out there!)”


How have you found the journey of starting up a YouTube channel, and what are some of the major challenges you feel tech influencers face on this journey?


“The journey has been good but does take a lot of time. It’s not always about buying the most expensive equipment, that’s not what makes your channel successful.”

“I find that it’s really important to try and be different. Some of the major challenges that tech influencers face are that tech on Youtube is such a saturated market. It’s hard to find a product that hasn’t been reviewed 100’s of times already by other people.”

“Tech can be costly too, and without the help of sponsors or brands to give a tech influencer a product to review, it can be really hard money-wise. This is where TechJayUK has grown – when the channel first started we’d have to go out and buy a product if we wanted to review it. Now with the help of brands, we receive a lot of companies willing to let us test/review a product, so that does help with the content.


What do you hope to see the 2020s bring to tech and gaming?


“In the 2020’s I hope tech keeps evolving at the rate it is now, every year there is always a really cool new piece of tech.”

“In terms of gaming I hope the 2020’s keep on delivering great graphics so games feel more real, and I hope that all games introduce cross-platforms so that it doesn’t matter what console/platform you use, you can play with all of your friends regardless.”