Interview with Yuval Blumental, Founder and CEO at mce Systems

Yuval Blumental

mce Systems is a software solution and integration provider, specializing in digital services solutions for mobile operators. mce enables device lifecycle management, device value optimization, cost reduction, and the generation of new business for operators worldwide delivering omnichannel capability across web, call-center, retail, on-device, and reverse/forward logistic channels.
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Tell us about mce Systems

We started as an outsourcing company with a small task force of friends that cracks software ‘impossible missions’. The first product of mce came when an Israeli telecom industry veteran came to us and presented the idea and the opportunity of mobile content transfer – we thought that this is too simple of a task so we just created a POC for him for free. Then we came along and presented to one of the local telcos in Israel. and they said that they want to buy it. We ended up closing the outsourcing company and we created mce to actually develop the product.

We had to grow and recruit people and we decided that we will only bring family, friends, and close friends of friends so we can keep the spirit of fun and togetherness and not create a place that we call ‘work’. Also, since we were never funded, we couldn’t afford to make mistakes with HR, so we only took people we knew were good and can be accountable.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be true to yourself – follow your heart, instincts, and dreams even when people around you don’t approve. Money is important, but soul and spirit are the only foundations for success.

What can we hope to see from mce Systems in the future?

We want mce to continue to grow and provide wealth to its employees while continuing to be a real home and family. We hope to keep the togetherness and sense of community, even when we grow in numbers and presence globally.