Interview with Wybo Wijnbergen, CEO and Co-founder at Flexible Working Company: infinitSpace

InfinitSpace targets all landlords wishing to transform a part of their office building into a flexible workspace. As a white-label company, we offer software and full operational services to both landlords and tenants, empowering them to own a flexible workspace brand under their own name.

As the commercial real estate market is facing an increased tenant demand for flexible workspaces and managed office solutions, we have identified a gap in the market: we recognized the transformation of the office market due to the pandemic and decided to cater to the identified niche.

Our services include in-house software, community managers, spatial tech, setup and management of the premises according to the owners and tenants needs. We activate common and other underutilized areas in office buildings, providing an optimized experience for landlords and tenants alike.
infinitSpace - Flexible workspace made easy

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Last year, we had the opportunity to sit down with many office building landlords and learn about their thoughts and opinions around the flexible office space industry and how they perceived the future of office space and the complexity of flexibility. Almost everyone we spoke to in the real estate industry mentioned that traditional long term tenants require additional services and available flexible workspace as well as meeting facilities in the same building.

Simultaneously, the external demand for flexible private office spaces increased accelerated through the Covid-19 pandemic. Most landlords had explored the opportunity to start offering flexible workspaces and meeting rooms, as they wanted to stay in control over their own building and not hand it over to an external operator. However, they quickly realized that operating a premium flexible workspace brand looks simple from the outside but is complicated on the inside.

We saw an opportunity here by solving this problem and adding value to the real estate industry: allowing landlords to stay in control of their buildings and working together in a partnership deal while creating collaborative and inspiring flexible workspace environments. InfinitSpace was born.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The world’s biggest unicorns and many S&P 500 corporates have shifted part of their office portfolio during the pandemic: Through memberships with flexible workspace providers they changed from traditional leases to short-term commitments of less than five years. This trend causes great concern among landlords as flex workspace management is operation-heavy and time-consuming. Landlords often do not have the tools to create, manage and operate such spaces.

We recognized this transformation quickly and saw an opportunity to make multiple pivots by listening closely to customers and understanding their needs. Recently we raised one million euros of funding in less than six weeks.

What can we hope to see from infinitSpace in the future?

Our mission is to offer every office worker access to a collaborative and inspiring workspace within a 15-minute commute. We have a clear vision to foster stronger human connections through flexible workspaces and creating a positive impact in local communities.

To achieve this, we have a bold growth plan by opening 300 locations within the next 5 years, providing access to over 5 million square feet flex space in Europe. We are experiencing high demand and are on the lookout for passionate people to come and join our team in various different roles and help us to change the world.