Introducing Simon Osman, CEO at Your Digital Partner In The Pandemic

Our product, which we refer to as ‘Tech for Good’, enables individuals to enter their test results or vaccination status through a smartphone app, store it securely and share it confidentially with workplaces, hospitality venues and events.

The technology pulls through the data each individual has chosen to share willingly, into a confidential dashboard. This allows an employer or event manager to receive an automated and verified real-time overview of the health status of what could be hundreds or thousands of people, significantly reducing the new administrative burden that has been placed on businesses and events as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are currently up and running, supporting businesses and venues across the UK and around the world. As Covid restrictions look set to be lifted on July 19th, businesses and employees alike are looking for ways in which they can coordinate a safe and secure return to the office. That’s why is working with a variety of businesses to implement our technology and provide employers and employees with the tools they need to return safely and securely.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, our team had been working on what was called ‘The Me Project’, a platform aimed towards facilitating the management of personal and professional data.

But during the onset of the pandemic, we found that we were well-positioned to support the needs of the UK public. The idea behind was originally inspired by a family member whose business had been affected by the UK lockdown.

As a team of entrepreneurs, we asked ourselves, “What if we could create a digital solution to help people get back to their work and social lives, safely and responsibly?”

It was from that point that we began researching the digital health pass market and quickly learned that there was nothing taking care of people’s health data, ethically and securely. This all happened before the NHS test and trace app.

At that time, there was no platform helping to actively build trust and confidence for when people did return to their work and social lives. We quickly got to work and within three months, launched our first platform.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

When we first started, our goal was to simply help a friend in need and some of the local businesses get back up and running. What’s happened since that point has been incredible growth and uptake of our platform from an array of businesses, hospitality venues and events.

As early as July 2020, was used in pubs and restaurants across Bristol to allow people to check in to venues in a GDPR-compliant manner. This enabled individuals to register their attendance, safe in the knowledge that their personal data was stored securely on their own phone and was only shared if and when they chose to do so.

Since then, has since been implemented across over 700 registered businesses, with over 260,000 registrations while spanning three continents. is empowering the individual by giving people the ability to connect securely and safely with their Covid health data, via lab integrations and partnerships, as well as home and workplace testing.

We’re pleased to say that we are currently in operation with integrations and partnerships around the globe, including in Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico and Greece offering end to send solutions for travel, workplace and events. We have also completed registration with B Corps as we believe that a good business does more than just make profit.

What can we hope to see from in the future?

We believe that there is no end of potential use cases for our platform beyond the immediate Covid-19 applications. Our goal will always be to remain a leader and innovator in the digital health pass space.

Management is seeking to raise up to £10 million to hyper-accelerate growth. The platform will be rolled out across multiple geographies accompanied by an aggressive sales and marketing push, with funds earmarked for development to expand the capabilities of the platform.