Interview with Iqbal Ali, CEO and Co-Founder at Website Monitoring Tool: Sitemoni

Sitemoni is a swiss-army knife of monitoring tools for your site and online presence. Currently the app has monitors including one that checks for malware and viruses. And other monitors for site speed, SEO, domain name expiry, and of course uptime. We have more monitors in the works too, some of which will be released soon.

We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about sites getting infected, going down, domain registrations expiring accidentally, and more. So we tried to build our app with monitors which will help users to hopefully avoid these issues.

Even though there are some already-existing monitors that people can use, it seemed to us like a distraction to go to so many different sources to get a good range of coverage. In our mind, having all the monitors you need in one place is valuable as it eases the burden of modern life, where attention is constantly scattered across so many different areas.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I’m an independent comics writer–that’s my main passion. So, when Nasir (the other co-founder) approached me with the idea for this app, I wasn’t keen at first.

You see, Nasir is a specialist in SEO. And he wanted to provide greater transparency to his clients, giving them a view of their SEO status, and keyword ranking. He wanted to let them know early when these rankings were impacted. This idea grew to cover a broader range of monitors.

While I wasn’t keen at first, I remembered my past burn-outs and realised the importance of reducing my cognitive load. We started brainstorming about all the monitors we could add. And the idea of a single place to monitor everything easily became our focus and Sitemoni was born from that.

Personally, I’ve been caught out previously by invisible digital fails like unknown broken email accounts, so this was a problem area I could really relate to.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Our online presence has become more important to us than ever during the pandemic with businesses relying on their sites now more than ever. Workers are working remotely now where previously they used to be inside offices protected by secure networks.

As a result of these changes, cybersecurity is an area of massive concern, with MetaCompliance and others predicting that cybersecurity will be the next global pandemic.

One of the biggest problems we saw is that many individuals and organisations are just not aware that their sites are insecure. So, one of the major pivots we made during the pandemic is to try to make a free tier available so we can protect as many people as possible.

Though this free tier is currently limited, we’re working on how we can expand this.

What can we hope to see from Sitemoni in the future?

We have many more monitors in the works. We are also improving our current range of monitors. At the same time we’re engaging with our users to ensure that our app covers as many disaster scenarios as possible.