Is Pet Tech the Future?

According to Globe News Wire, the pet tech market is expected to reach £14.39 billion ($20 billion) worldwide by 2027. With more and more of us choosing to adopt a new furry friend into the family, the opportunities in developing pet tech are undeniable. As with any other sector that flourishes, supporting technology can become a goldmine for businesses and consumers alike, paving the way to more efficient processes.

From self-cleaning litter trays to tracker apps, the pet tech industry is set to shape the future of pets for owners and businesses alike. Let’s take a closer look.

Tech for pet trainers

Pet trainers have the difficult job of instilling good behaviours into even the most unruly of animals. As with many other jobs now, technology is being developed in order to help make some tasks much easier. For trainers, pet tech such as training e-collars and harnesses can prove hugely beneficial.

Training e-collars can be used to help aid in setting a groundwork of basic obedience skills. With a simple remote operation, trainers can make the e-collar emit a safe deterrent such as noise or vibrations when training a dog. Plus, with the accessibility of technology these days, these e-collars can be recommended to pet parents to continue this training – along with positive reinforcement – at home between lessons too!


Apps for dog groomers

For some owners, trying to bathe or brush their pets can be an event of biblical proportions. Getting a professional in to do it is a no-brainer. For dog groomers, this difficult job can be made easier by taking the admin chores away. This is where apps come in.

There are so many apps out there to help with scheduling dog grooming appointments. For example, Shake Your Tail allows dog groomers to check their schedule, manage clients and their pets, and send automatic notifications and reminders to their customers.

For dog walking and pet sitting businesses

It seems like eons ago since human fitness revolved around calorie-burning guesswork or trial-and-error fitness regimes. Now, we have an app or gadget for almost everything – from heart rate monitors to tailored fitness regimes tracked with apps on our smartphones. Of course, in this day and age, what is good enough for us is good enough for our pets. Gadgets and apps for training and exercising our pets are certainly on the rise too.

There have been amazing strides in exercise technology for pets, including detailed activity monitors that are perfect for dog walkers who have dog walkers insurance to report back to their clients on the health of their beloved pets. For example, Whistle is an always-on smart collar that tracks a dog’s health, location, and fitness. Available as a clip-on device for existing collars or as a full collar in its own right, this device can monitor a dog’s health and alert you of potential health issues, track who your pup was with and for how long, and set fitness goals tailored to your dog’s breed, age, and weight. A dog walker investing in one of these amazing pieces of kit could easily find themselves with an attractive selling point for potential customers.

For cat hotels, technology is helping to reduce the amount of time needed to complete the least pleasant task of the day – cleaning out the litter trays! Gone are the days of scooping poop out of white sand and brushing up litter off the floor (why must they kick it across the room every time?). Now, pet tech has presented an alternative to this arduous task – a upgraded litter box!

Pluto Square is a new tech litterbox that deals with odours, splashes, and litter dust. With a quick-change bag system, the little box is simple and quick to clean. There’s even a slot for disinfectant!

Pet tech is set to take the world by storm, and it will only bring a plethora of benefits for owners and businesses alike.