Jack Dyer and James Wren, Founders at Freetrain: Innovation in Fitness

Freetrain is a young and ambitious company with a desire to make our mark on the fitness industry. It is our sole aim to create products that solve problems in an innovative and stylish way. This is reflected by our flagship product – the V1 – as well as our other outdoor sports products, including the highly reflective VR and our water-resistant gloves, The G1.

Our signature vests were originally designed mainly with runners in mind, to offer them a better solution for storing their phone and other personal belongings when they went out for a run. As more people started using the vests though, we quickly realised how many different sports and forms of exercise the product lends itself to.

Our mission now is to continue to service the fitness industry but also expand into new markets across multiple sports sectors. We are working on some very exciting things on the product development side which will incorporate more technology into our product range – watch this space!
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We met 9/10 years ago playing for Burton Albion and in the car journeys to and from training a friendship was forged. It was on the A38 where we began discussing the future and the short nature of a footballer’s career which ultimately made us realise that we needed something else. The company was actually created because of the product. We had invented a product that had given people the ability to train freely without any hindrance. Hence the name, Freetrain.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Do what you’re good at and trust your instincts. During those car journeys over the years we’ve had countless and often silly ideas. Some about apps, some about electrical goods, some around building and renovation, things we had no experience in whatsoever. When we thought of the vest, it was like the fog had lifted and we had a clear vision of the product we wanted to create, in a market we knew so well.

Once you have your path in front of you, there are many forks in the road and bridges with trolls under. You should always be willing to listen to advice but, there have been times in the last year where we’ve gone against our instincts and put trust in an outside perspective when it hasn’t felt right.

Most of the time that hasn’t paid off. There is a difference between following advice you know is right but still don’t like the sound of and following advice that you don’t think is right for your business. One thing we have learned is to take a step back and make sure we are confident in the next decision we make.

What can we hope to see from Freetrain in the future?

More innovation. We only want to create the products that are true to Freetrain and our customers. Products that make life easier as well as inspire that person to walk out the door with the mentality of a professional athlete and push their limits.