Interview with Jamal Khan, Founder at Clara World: The UK’s First ‘Super App’

Clara World proudly holds the title of the UK’s first Super App. Our platform provides users with everything they need, all in one place, without the need to constantly hop between multiple apps. It functions as a supreme form of social media – with users able to share their thoughts, pictures, videos and stories with all their friends; send messages; and either audio, video or group call with anyone across the globe.

On top of this, moving forward Clara World will present users with endless opportunities with truly exciting features such as:

  • The option to order food, book a table or a taxi.
  • Explore an immense marketplace, on which you can buy anything from electronics and clothes to groceries.
  • Identify the best local services to suit the users’ needs – from hairdressers and plumbers to lawyers and graphic designers.
  • Book tickets for anything from exciting day trips to relaxing holidays.
  • A dating and matchmaking service.
  • Upload a CV and start building a career.

Clara World is completely separate and independent from all other mainstream apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon or Uber. We have developed our own coding, algorithms and artificial intelligence in order to provide the ultimate platform that caters to your every need!
Clara World | The world's first super App

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

 The leading inspiration for Clara World was the frustration I felt when constantly needing to jump from one app to the next. I had far too many apps on my phone – many of which were hardly used, but downloaded on the off chance that I required the service. Despite this abundance of apps, I still often struggled to find what I needed. Perhaps because what I really needed – an app that provided all the tools and services I wanted – didn’t actually exist. It was with this thought that Clara World’s first spark ignited!

I explored this initial idea further and came to the incredible realisation that there was a Clara World-sized hole in the market. Shockingly, there isn’t a single thing like it in the Western World. In order to get this idea off the ground, I forged an exceptional team of developers and programmers and utilised their expertise to make this dream a reality.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

 One of Clara World’s most exclusive and exciting features – the unique personal SOS function – ‘HELP HELP’ – can be considered nothing less than a necessity, especially following the panic and global devastation the Covid-19 pandemic has generated.

By simply sending ‘HELP HELP’ text message to your preferred emergency contact via Clara World’s instant messaging system, an alarm will trigger on the recipient’s phone – overriding any active silent mode – and alerting them to your emergency.

With smartphones functioning as virtually everyone’s leading method of contact in the modern world, this unique feature should be a commonplace necessity. It can be used by parents, children, the elderly, schools, doctors, nurses, carers and businesses alike in the event of a severe crisis. In fact, several early users of the app have already reported great results in the unfortunate event that they have had to utilise the HELP HELP function.

What can we hope to see from Clara World in the future?

We have a series of exciting features and services on the horizon for 2021, as mentioned above, but the list doesn’t stop there! As Clara World continues to grow, it will be regularly updated with new features to make our users’ lives that little bit easier.