Meet Jamie Beaumont, Founder at ‘Hire Now, Pay Later’ Company: Playter Pay

Playter is the world’s first hiring accelerator for startups and scaleups, powered by our unique Hire Now, Pay Later finance. Our unique financing product allows businesses to spread the cost of their recruitment agency fees over 6 months at 0% finance as well as offering introductions to accredited recruitment agencies to save time and hassle for the employer. With cash flow being the largest prohibiting factor for companies looking to hire through agencies, we exist as the most powerful solution for this major problem.
Playter Pay Raises £1 Million For Its Hire Now, Pay Later Payment Solution

How did the company start?

The business was founded in May 2018 and for the first couple of years existed as an HR Technology company, helping businesses screen and interview candidates with our unique ATS software. But, in May 2020 during the first lockdown, using our expertise within the SME recruitment space, we found that cashflow was a huge prohibiting factor for businesses looking to hire.

We also knew that recruitment agencies had cashflow issues from not being paid on time as well as struggling to offer unique terms to help businesses hire without the large upfront costs. Knowing that over £52bn is lost in late and unpaid invoices to SMEs in the UK, Playter was born.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

I don’t think most people realise what being an entrepreneur actually means. It’s tough and tests you in a variety of ways. I think if I were to go back a few years and tell myself to top three things that would help me before I made my decision they would be:

– Be ready to sacrifice everything

– Be 100% behind your idea with unwavering determination and belief.

– Don’t let anyone change your mind and NEVER regret a thing.

What can we hope to see from Playter Pay in the future?

You’re going to see a business scale to become the largest hiring accelerator in the world as well as improving our tech to become the go-to payments alternative for those who hire through agencies around the world.

If you use recruitment agencies are interested in joining the Playter Hiring Accelerator, then please do visit and sign up before places close.