Jenni Riley, Co-Founder At ITARMi: Business IT Support on Demand

ITARMI brings together IT engineers and businesses needing IT support on an effortlessly fast app. This is achieved through geo-located engineers that can be confirmed in minutes and on-site in hours, and are skill-matched to your request to ensure the highest levels of service satisfaction.

All of our IT engineers are vetted right through to government level clearance and we use a trusted KYC process and also carry a range of certifications.

We have been going for three and a half years, and are immensely proud to say now have 1200 engineers across 132 countries, from the UK, to Swaziland.
Business IT Support Platform | ITARMI

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It was actually my husband Brett, who was in New York 5 years ago (2015) where he saw how Uber was disrupting the traditional yellow cab market. It occurred to him, having worked in IT services for 20 years, that it would be possible for companies to use IT engineers in a different way, finding them faster, spending less time and money on the admin and process of finding them, and doing it all on-demand. He suggested it to me and I loved the idea, as I had already been running my own consultancy business and felt confident I could move it forward.

I set about being the driver behind the operations, finding engineers on social media and building our IT engineer network globally, as well as making relationships with customers, lawyers and investors, and doing all the day to day ‘doing’.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Always believe in yourself, never be afraid to use your voice, whether that’s in front of investors, or customers, keep building a network, and never stop driving forward to hit your goals. Think about how you can network (now virtually of course) and what valuable organisations you can belong to.

For example, I follow Women in Tech – which is a global movement, Women in STEM, and Female Empowerment, and a lot of similar minded business people on LinkedIn. I also belong to a steering group for women in business in Surrey and I now get a lot of pleasure from helping others to succeed too.

What can we hope to see from ITARMI in the future?

We have provided IT engineers to some of the largest brands in the world in finance and technology, creating a virtuous cycle, a customer who’s happy with the great service and an IT engineer who’s rewarded and feels fully part of that business’ culture. We want to give access to smaller enterprises now, and we know the business model can support that. We see that in the post-Covid climate, more people than ever before are looking at a remote working culture, and also at their bottom line and how they can de-risk their operational expenses. And we want to continue to do a great job to fully support the engineers who make it all possible.