A Chat with Jeremy Sparrow, CEO at Data-Led Visual Inspection Programme: Captego

Jeremy Sparrow

Capturing field data on building sites is a crucial part of managing construction and creating a holistic set of data for the numerous interested parties involved in property development. Without it, it’s impossible to have complete control over what’s happening onsite, or to truly inform your stakeholders.

Captego is the Field Data Engine that increases speed, quality and control across data-driven organisations. By making data management as easy as taking a photo, we have unlocked powerful reporting and smarter business decision making for our clients.

Our camera-led solution saves operatives up to four hours a day capturing field data, before organising, structuring and enriching that data, to unlock its true value and make it more actionable than ever.
Captego – Survey and Inspection Data Automation

What do you think makes this company unique?

Captego is redefining the field data reporting, management and organisation tasks. The product spans a number of sectors, including construction, engineering, insurance and utilities. The product takes a look at the inconveniences and issues in on-site data collection, and inefficiencies of post-collection reporting, and provides a technological solution.

In traditional industries such as construction and engineering, that have been slowerto adopt new technology, this solution-led approach has the potential to evolve the industry quickly into one that is led by tech, rather than simply supported by it.

For our clients, we have proven that our product has cut down lengthy reporting, inspecting and data-organising processes. This makes it streamlined, accessible, with a simple user experience.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the last few years, Captego has evolved to be part of a full enterprise of solutions. We now have over 500 companies using our product, and Captego is undergoing rapid growth.

Founded on our firm belief in the value of collected data, our focus on ease of use has proven invaluable for growth. Captego’s easy integration with larger workflow systems makes our product accessible and efficient. Captego now streamlines high-level dashboards with field-data collection and analysis that offers cross-industry support for data-driven decisions.

Having recently completed our seed funding round of €2 million, the rate of growth and interest in Captego is huge, and only growing. We’re building an entirely new category for visual evidencing.

What can we hope to see from Captego in the future?

Expansion is definitely on the cards for us. We are still expanding our team and our customer base, whilst continuing to refine the product on offer.

In the future we envision Captego as a staple software on the phones and desktops of all companies involved in the construction process. The streamlining, integration and organisational abilities of the technology will mean that the net-time and net-headaches saved would be colossal.

We are now starting work on building in AI and ML which will further ease and accelerate the process of gathering rich data on Captego.