Jeremy Wosner, Founder at Doctorpedia: Revolutionising The Way People Discover Health Resources

At Doctorpedia, we connect people with engaging doctor-led health videos, information, and resources on the world’s largest network of medical websites.

Doctorpedia is an innovative content and resource discovery experience for your online healthcare needs. We are building a robust, premium technology platform that brings together the best of tech, media, and healthcare. Together with leading doctors, we develop and deliver bite-size medical and wellness videos that are designed to be viewed on any device – whenever and wherever you choose.

There is a clear need for trusted online health content and resources. Users want clear and engaging content that is specific to their needs and provided by leading doctors with full transparency. Doctorpedia is an online digital medical platform with interactive video content tailored for both the pre- and post- consultation patient.

We engage patients by providing community, thought leaders, and digital media on the proprietary Doctorpedia platform. Apps, clinical trials, organizations, supplements, clinics, and more can be discovered on a congruent, additive discovery platform with a built-in cost-per-click system.

Doctorpedia is establishing a “Pedia” brand that is credible and patient-centric. Our goal is to educate and enlighten the public, whether via our network of “Pedia” websites or through licensing our high-quality video content to hospitals, healthcare, tech, or media companies.

We offer quality, transparency, relevance, and control for every healthcare consumer at each stage of their health and wellness journey.
Doctorpedia™ | Healthcare in your Hands

How did you come up with the idea for the company?


When my father had a growth on his pancreas, I turned to the internet for answers. Not being a doctor myself, I waded through faceless websites and found the information to be dense and too generic to help with my specific situation. I found websites that offered misinformation and disinformation, leading me to believe that my father did not have long to live. I was devastated and scared.

Thankfully my father recovered, but this experience exposed me to the global challenge of finding accessible, credible, and engaging health information.

That’s why I started Doctorpedia. We provide a doctor-led experience so that patients, caregivers, and information-seekers can easily find the health answers they desperately need. We have grown into a network of over 2,000 condition-specific websites and trusted physicians have helped us produce thousands of videos.

We are working to build a resource that everyone can turn to for trusted health answers and we aim to make the internet a safer place to learn about your health and wellness.



What can we hope to see from Doctorpedia in the future?


At Doctorpedia, we aim to transform digital health and make the internet a safer place to find credible and engaging medical information and resources. To that end, we will continue to develop condition-specific websites, interest-based channels, and create high quality video and written content with trusted specialists.

As we grow, we will develop new products and services and improve our current offerings to better serve doctors, patients, and everyone in the healthcare ecosystem. We just launched our doctor platform, which gives verified physicians the tools to create and distribute content through their innovative profiles and our channels and websites. With our platform, doctors can finally showcase themselves, connect with and inform current patients, and reach new patients and audiences through our network. We will continue to add functionality to this platform and develop technologies and processes that will make it even easier for doctors to use and connect with patients.

We will continue to grow our doctor network and look to secure partnerships with healthcare companies who can synergize with our offering. We hope to cover every medical, health, and wellness topic and use search engine optimization to make sure that our resources appear at the top of every health related search.

We hope that all of these efforts help provide clear and trustworthy health answers to replace the misinformation and disinformation that many people find at the top of online searches. We will work tirelessly to ensure that Doctorpedia becomes the world’s most trusted brand when it comes to online health information.