Interview with Jessica Cohen, Founder of Forty Four Media

We caught up with Jessica Cohen, founder of Forty Four Media, to talk all things from


Tell us about Forty Four Media

Founded in May 2020, Forty Four Media is a social media marketing agency which aims to keep businesses and brands connected to their customers and clients via social media platforms.

The agency offers a plethora of services – each of which are bespoke and tailored to the client’s specific aims and goals. Services include complete social media management, social media strategy, targeted paid advertising, influencer outreach, content creation and e-marketing, which combined provide a multi-faceted approach ensuring optimum results. We are more than a ‘regular’ social media marketing agency. We build bespoke and effective strategies to help grow audiences and empower brands.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I have been working in the social media space since brands began to transition from traditional means of advertising to digital media. I quickly realised the potential of social media for businesses and brands and the impact it could have when used correctly.

Whilst my previous experience has been working for luxury leading brands, I realised many businesses were not using social media as a tool to elevate their businesses’. I was asked to consult and advise for businesses which eventually led me to set up my own social media agency. I want to share my years of expertise and knowledge of social media, in addition to wider marketing strategy to help grow and develop social media platforms for a larger scope of businesses across all industries.

How have you found starting a business during the pandemic?

The power and reach of social media have been magnified as a significant tool that business owners require. As a result of the pandemic, businesses have either thrived or struggled to survive. Whilst a large majority of businesses were unfortunately forced to furlough staff, many companies had very little, if no digital content circulated.

Additionally, many bricks and mortar businesses who previously had very little digital presence, quickly realised how beneficial social media can be. Knowing where and how to have the right presence is key. This provided an incredible opportunity for my business to step in and help struggling businesses throughout this uncertain time.


What can we hope to see from Forty Four Media in the future?

Forty Four Media provides multi-faceted 360-degree approach to social media marketing. Whilst the digital marketing sector is ever-changing it is essential to implement an integrated strategy for maximum return.

The agency is passionate about creating relationships with clients to understand the essence of their companies; helping to portray the heart and personality of the businesses in order to build profitable and successful brands.

I ensure to make a promise to continuously develop, re-imagine and create new and exciting opportunities for businesses within the digital marketing landscape. The mission is keeping brands connected and the goal is to create strong saleable brands.