Interview with Joe Fredericks CSO of PCA on Running the World’s First Virtual Improvised Musical

We caught up with Joe Fredericks from PCA to talk about how they’ve adapted in the last few months.

How have the last few months been for PCA?

As you can imagine it’s been a rollercoaster at PCA as we are specialists in highly experiential in-person leadership and learning & development events. When organisations stop their people travelling and you’re not allowed to see anyone else in person it is a challenge to run our events in the way we have in the past.

How have you utilised technology to help your clients?

We had already started running a number of our programmes virtually and this has sped up our development cycle significantly. This ‘crisis’ has allowed us to push forward our large scale changes to the business that were in the works but have become even more important now. We’ve successfully moved some of our largest programmes online whilst maintaining the experiential element that we are known for.

What’s exciting for you right now?

We have recently announced that we will be running a completely virtual improvised musical performance with Showstoppers. And the entire thing is being done whilst socially distanced. It has been a huge effort for everyone involved as you’ll see if you watch the short video we put together.

How did you come up with the idea for Showstoppers Virtual?

We have worked with Showstoppers for many years and have taken their show to leadership teams around the world. With the recent Covid breakout we have had to re-think the way that we bring experiences to our clients. We have worked closely with the Showstoppers team to make this experience completely socially distanced, virtual and interactive.

How does it work?

As you can imagine, in the current landscape, the potential for organisations to learn about leading in uncertainty, decision-making under pressure, collaborating within remote working conditions, communicating with limited human proximity and innovating with clients at pace is huge.
Showstoppers is a completely improvised musical and so we are bringing that talent to a global audience. The performance will be completely audience led and will be made up on the spot. Not only is it the first virtual performance of its kind, it is completely unscripted which makes it even more exciting.

It sounds fascinating – can we attend?

We are running the first performance for a corporate audience and it is open to anyone who is interested in seeing agile working at it’s best. You can find out more about how it works and register here.