Meet Jonathan Chen, Head of Operations at Custom NFT-Request Platform: Creaticles

Creaticles is a first-of-its-kind custom NFT-request platform that connects talented creators with individuals and businesses. From providing NFT assets for your product, business, personal brand or even meme contests to engage fans, anyone can request their NFT needs on Creaticles and receive a variety of submissions, from a wealth of talented creators, at a price you can afford. At Creaticles, artists can get paid doing what they love instead of struggling to sell what they’ve made!




Can you tell us a little bit about Creaticles, and the company’s mission?

Thank you for having me! Creaticles is the world’s first NFT Requests Marketplace matching NFT buyers to our roster of verified global artists. We enable anyone, anywhere, to source custom NFTs through what we refer to as ‘Creaticles contests’, utilising a traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) model, in which users submit an NFT idea request to our pool of artists. The artists then have the chance to monetise their talents and produce the requested NFT. Once the winning NFT has been selected, the artist is paid in Ethereum.

Soon, artists will be able to receive payment in CRE8 – our native utility token. Importantly, all NFTs purchased on our platform are transferable to all secondary marketplaces, meaning artists can compound their earnings with future sales of their work. So this is very much at the heart of our mission – to bring the global artist community into the rapidly expanding NFT space, to support artists in growing their brand, and to make NFTs a core pillar of the Creator Economy.



What inspired you to launch the platform?

Creaticles co-founder and CTO Trevor Keith and I had been surveying the evolution of the NFT landscape, and noticed a major gap in the market. Over the past 12 months, there has been a significant spike in demand for high quality NFT art, from brands, startups, crypto projects and end-users – and the demand continues to grow.

Today, crypto projects across the industry spectrum are seeking to bolster their community engagement activities through contests. This has become our bread and butter, and we’ve conducted NFT competitions for renowned crypto projects such as Axie Infinity, Harmony, MakerDAO, Polygon, Mask Network, and Pangolin. Recently we announced a strategic partnership with Esports platform FirstBlood to facilitate NFT rewards for Esports tournaments.


Why should artists be excited by the NFT space?

I believe there’s a massive opportunity for artists to expand their earning power in the NFT realm. If we just consider one hot topic such as NFT profile pictures (PFPs), there are boundless opportunities for artists if this trend continues to gather pace. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has signaled that NFTs will become a feature on Instagram, and we can expect more high profile brands getting in on the action. All of this is great news for artists, who can capitalise on these evolving market trends and showcase their skills on the world stage.


Can you talk about Creaticles’ upcoming pipeline of activity?

While our growth has been exponential since our testnet launch in August 2021, we are only getting started. It was a huge privilege to be selected in the list of the eight most promising projects in CoinList’s Seed batch for Fall 2021, out of a field of over 500 crypto projects, no less. We are working on some very exciting partnership announcements that will help us extend the reach of our Creaticles contest format to large swathes of projects and users globally. We also have more exchange listings for our native utility token CRE8 scheduled for later this year, alongside our multi-chain expansion plans.”