Joonas Karhu: How Bojoko Has Used Search Technology Successfully

Joonas Karhu, CEO at iGaming Affiliate Platform reveals how the company has achieved incredible growth by utilising the latest technology together with good old-fashioned search taxonomy to deliver a platform that aims to put customers first in the fast paced world of iGaming.

We wanted to find out how the company achieved their eye-catching success, and how important embracing the latest tech has been to their growth.


Can You Tell Us About and its Mission? was founded in 2017 with the mission of simplifying the search for the best online gambling sites for British players. We all had a background in gambling, including me as a poker player. We wanted to create a platform that genuinely puts the users first and gives them the power to make informed decisions.

A big part of our work is making comparing casinos, sportsbooks, and bingo sites as easy as possible. We are particularly proud of our filters, which allow our users to trim down any list on our site until they are left with the operators that match their preferences.

However, we also provide guides, have developed trainer apps, and focus on providing information about responsible gambling.


What Makes Unique in The Online Gambling Industry? stands out due to its sophisticated tools and filters that allow users to tailor their search based on game selection, payment methods, bonuses, and overall user experience. We’ve invested  a huge amount in this area of the business. Most other affiliate platforms just present their choices to their users, which is often based on biases, like which partner pays them the most for the exposure.

Our platform is designed to empower users to make informed decisions and find the casinos, betting sites and bingo sites that actually match their wishlist by using the latest technology. It’s a form of micro-targeting, with drastically improves results.

How has Evolved Since its Inception?


Since launching, has rapidly grown to become a key player in the online gambling scene. We recently surpassed €75 million in deposits from referred players, solidifying our position in the industry and proving just how much British players trust our platform.

When first started, we focused only on online casinos. However, as we grew, we hired additional talent and expanded into new verticals. The first new vertical was sports betting, which we created in 2022, and in 2023, we launched our bingo vertical.


How Do You See The Role of Affiliate Marketing in Player Acquisition?


Affiliate marketing has transformed from a straightforward referral system to a sophisticated, strategic component of the online gambling ecosystem. Advanced data analytics allow us to target specific audience segments, enhancing player acquisition by focusing on directing the right players to the right operators.

I often describe us as matchmakers, as we help players find the gambling sites that best suit their taste. Operators benefit from getting players who actually enjoy their product and find what they are looking for. Players who sign up to brands that don’t match their wishlist will likely pack up and leave quite quickly.

I also see our role as looking out for the player. We vet every brand we list, ensure they are licensed by the UKGC, and have our experts test them rigorously. We pride ourselves on being user-first and always ensuring player safety.


What Should Online Gambling Brands Consider When Selecting Affiliate Partners in a Regulated Market Like The UK?


In a regulated market, choosing affiliates that comply with regulations and promote responsible gambling is crucial.

Operators are responsible for the ads their affiliate partners put out, and outdated or misleading information can result in fines. Reputable affiliates ensure operators reach their target audience ethically and competently, maintaining compliance and trust. If this trust is not there, it might be best to look for other partners.


How Does Adapt to Regulatory Changes and Promote Responsible Gambling?


We stay vigilant and flexible, closely monitoring regulatory developments to ensure compliance. integrates resources for responsible gambling, including links to professional help and educational content, to encourage a safe gambling environment.


How Can Online Casinos Leverage Relationships With Affiliates Like to Improve Their Conversion Rates?


Affiliates are vital for attracting high-quality leads., as a top affiliate, holds top positions in search results, driving traffic to gambling sites. Simply being listed on will boost your brand. However, we also help our partners with strategic insights if needed, enhancing their appeal to our user base and, with that, increasing conversion rates further.


What Are Bojoko’s Plans For The Future?


Our first priority is simply to continue serving our players by vetting brands and ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions. However, a key aspect is staying ahead of the curve in terms of technological advances, and making sure we know what players care about.

The market changes as new games, payment methods, bonus offers, types of experiences, etc., pop up. We will make sure we are at the forefront of that change.

We will also remain open to expanding into new verticals and providing more comprehensive services to our users and partners; however, I can not say too much about this at present. Watch this space.