Josh Baah, Co-Founder at Joos: Revolutionising Phone Charging On The Go

Joos revolutionises the way you charge your phone on the go. Through our app you can grab a power bank, charge on the move & return to any other station. As the only Apple Approved provider with anti-bacterial power banks that are quarantined after use – you can safely charge with Joos!


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The three founders have been friends since school & maintained a keen interest in the emerging economies; with Peter being from China, Hannz from Singapore and myself from Ghana. We essentially saw this business model was thriving in the Far East & thought if we brought it to The West we could do much, much more with it.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Always keep your eyes open for scalable ideas that can serve a large customer base. Even if you don’t feel ready, once it’s safe to start, go for it – launch and you’ll learn on the go (the more we interact with large corporates and institutions you realise – no one really knows what they’re doing).

What can we hope to see from Joos in the future?


You can expect to see Joos stations in more and more spots where you may wish you could quickly get a boost of battery. We’ve got some really exciting plans in the UK & all over the globe. We can only hope the dangers of people being out & about without a working phone is a thing of the past!