Josh Hart, CTO at YuLife and InsurTech30 Judge, Explains What He’s Looking For From Entrants

Tell us about yourself


I have set up numerous businesses across EdTech, Mobile and now the InsurTech world. Having created digital experiences used by millions, I have made it my mission to make all digital interaction fun.

As co-founder & CTO of YuLife, I have been re-imagining the world of insurance, building a company which focuses on helping people to be their best selves; mentally, physically and financially.

Prior to creating YuLife, I was a co-founder of Chelsea Apps Factory and key in the development of the organisation, which consulted FTSE 250 companies and grew to well over 100 people, servicing customers such as Google, Standard Life and Waitrose.

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What are you looking for from this year’s InsurTech30 entrants?


Insurance has long been a valuable option for those looking to protect themselves from potential threats, and the global economic turndown has even further reenforced the importance of preparing for the unexpected.

I’m looking to find the tech-savvy insurance companies who are disrupting the industry and are posed to make an impact. I’d like to see those who are filling a gap in the market, highlighting an improved user experience with innovative tech features that portray what makes an insurtech company unique.



What advice would you give to companies wanting to stand out from the crowd?


When it comes to Insurtech, many often zoom in on the tech first, looking for new systems to revolutionize traditional procedures. The problem is that leaders look beyond features and functionality. But there are the key components that take an Insurtech plan from strategy to execution, here are a couple important points:

  • Have a coherent strategy: investors look most favorably on the companies with a coherent strategy. While there are many great ideas, as a startup you have to constantly ask yourself the why’s again and again to keep the interest and appeal.
  • Speed speed speed: We live in an era of instant gratification, people want decisions and answers made instantly. Naturally, when it comes to insurance there are expectations for speedy underwriting decisions, claims adjustment, service requests and even product development. Insurtechs that will come out on top will help carriers delivery these benefits to customers.
  • Joy! Building out automation can be overrated, to really stand out in a market which doesn’t often bring emotion into the mixture I want to see Insurtech’s that deliver on a pleasurable experience which feels great.

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