Meet Karina Vazirova, Co-Founder at FemTech Accelerator: FemTech Lab

FemTech Lab is a global ecosystem of innovators and investors in women’s health and wellness on a mission to improve the lives of 1B million globally.

The FemTech Lab Accelerator program supports cutting-edge startups in the sector powered by 400+ community of mentors, investors and ecosystem partners. With over 40 startups graduating from the program since 2020, FemTech Lab alumni include LactApp, &SISTERS, Unfabled, MUTU, Aura Fertility and other rising stars in women’s health.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

When we discovered FemTech, we immediately thought that this sector has the potential to make incredible impact in the world. We founded FemTech Lab not just as a startup accelerator, but as a platform and a global movement to bring more resources, capital and attention to the FemTech space. What makes us unique and different from other accelerators and tech ecosystems is the Mission.

Everything we do at FemTech Lab, every startup we support, is inspired by the mission to unlock the power of women. We believe that the sector has the potential to not only improve the lives of women, but also create more balance for humanity.


What excites you about the FemTech industry in 2023?

So much! The world is changing so fast before our eyes and women’s health or FemTech is not a siloed sector. I am endlessly fascinated with how trends in technology, medicine and culture can be deployed in Women’s Health and FemTech. First of all, social media has really opened the Pandora’s box.

Women post engaging reels about the menstrual cycle, influencers openly share their endometriosis journey, doctors become TikTok stars, and celebrities launch menopause brands. Topics that used to be taboo are now going viral. Startups such as Unfabled are tapping into this movement.

What’s also interesting is that Human Health in general is entering a new paradigm – an understanding that our bodies, minds and emotions are all connected. For women’s health, it’s becoming more evident that our hormone health is linked to mental health. I am excited to see how technology and emerging products can incorporate that.

Menopause has been a trending topic in FemTech. But what excites me is that the conversation about menopause is slowly but surely shifting to a more comprehensive discussion about female longevity, and improving quality of life. Menopause is linked to women’s heart, bone and brain health. I am excited to see more companies connect the dots.

Finally, I am enthusiastic about the latest advancements in AI taking us 1 step closer to precision medicine at scale. Looking forward to seeing opportunities technology will open up for the new generation of HealthTech products.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Honestly, its been a wild ride! We launched in 2020 during the lockdown. Everything was virtual, over Linkedin and Zoom. FemTech was confused with “female founders” and many people still perceived it as niche. Today, we have a physical hub in the city of London thanks to our partners at the XCHG spaces and our community has grown to 15K+ mentors, partners, investors and supporters.

Women’s health is now cited by Forbes, Tech Crunch and others as THE space to watch and invest in.

Our rapid growth over the last 2 years was made possible by the passion and mission-driven nature of our community. And we are just getting started!

What can we hope to see from FemTech Lab in the future?

More cutting-edge companies entering the accelerator, inspiring industry events and conferences, and exciting partnerships to help drive the FemTech sector forward!