Laura Spawn, CEO and co-founder of Virtual Vocations: 4 Ways to Make Your Video Hiring Process More Personal

Video is a popular and practical medium to facilitate recruiting and hiring within modern organizations, especially those offering remote job options. A Gartner Poll of human resources leaders found that an overwhelming majority of businesses not only adopted the use of virtual interview technology, like video interviewing, in 2020 (86%), but also used similar technology to complete new employee onboarding (85%).


While employing video as a hiring tool provides benefits to employers like reduced hiring time and costs, improved hiring consistency, and convenient access to a more diverse talent pool, it can feel cold and sterile compared to organic, in-person interviews if not executed correctly.



These four strategies can be used by business leaders and hiring managers alike to add personal touches to video-based hiring processes:


1. Create a Company Recruitment Video



Publishing a company recruitment video is an effective approach that allows businesses to put a personal stamp on their hiring methods. This type of video gives employers an engaging avenue to tout their brand and mission, highlight genuine employee experiences, remain competitive within their industries, and appeal to larger audiences.


2. ACT During Video Interview


Employers and hiring managers can easily add subtle, personal touches to video job interviews if they remember to put on an “ACT.” Here’s how:


  • Add expressive details: Conducting a job interview in front of an organized bookcase, painted wall, or display of appropriate art allows personalities to shine.
  • Consider camera position: If possible, interviewers should frame their face while also leaving visual space to gesture with their hands and appear more personable while on-screen.
  • Throw away the script: Glancing down or to the side to reference notes during a video interview is much more personal than reading straight from lengthy prepared statements.


3. Offer to Answer Questions


This is a sound tip for any phase of the hiring process. When getting to know job applicants or acquainting fresh employees with company culture via video, it is important to maintain an open dialogue.


When interviewees and recruits are encouraged to ask questions, all parties learn more about one another and their relationships. Employers and hiring managers will not only have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of and passion for their positions, but also can gauge nuanced details like the interests, values, and thought processes of the applicant or employee.


4. Save Time for Small Talk


Either at the beginning or the end of the interview, allot a few minutes to establish a less formal and more human link. Small talk during a video interview could relate to an item showcased in the interviewee’s space or an anecdote about the applicant’s alma mater listed on their resume.


Final Thoughts 


In my 14 years of experience running a fully remote business, I have utilized video to recruit, interview, and onboard candidates based in the U.S. and around the world. With proven strategies like these, adding personal touches to video-based hiring processes minimizes the impact of distance and fosters genuine connections, leading to greater hiring success.