Leslie Berton, Angel Business Club: Providing People The Opportunity To Participate in Ownership and Growth of Public Ventures

The Angel Business Club aims to democratise the world of private equity and venture capital. Provide everyone and anyone the opportunity to participate in the ownership and growth of private companies with outstanding potential in a fully managed and transparent environment. An opportunity generally reserved for very wealthy people using Private equity firms or Venture Capital funds.

We deliver all this through our ever-evolving Eco-System. We offer webinars in 2 languages weekly, a monthly education program, a monthly insights program where successful business people present market sectors and dynamic and Club events and activities, among others. It is fair to say we facilitate a lot of conversations focused on the development and growth of the Club diversified activities and business in general.

Today we have over 16,000 Members from all over the world. Our growing member base is one of the reasons behind our success. Their active involvement has benefited many of our “Club” – or Invested Companies.

The Club is not a Crowd Funding platform; it is a private members club whose active members pay a monthly membership fee. The Club invests the profit from these membership fees in companies and its members’ benefit from a free allocation of shares monthly. The reason why we can access quality Companies as the Club can fund as principal. Hence we get to see exciting and well-developed opportunities, opportunities our members would not usually be able to access or do the required due diligence.
Angel Business Club - Angel Business Club

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The Angel Business Club was formed in June of 2015 with a vision to transform the way people engaged in and managed their investments. The founders were inspired by the rise in crowdfunding, but rather than create a crowd they wanted to develop a community. The mission was to think differently and focus on the investor as the catalyst to business success as well as offering active curation and oversight in developing outstanding investment opportunities.


How has the need for Angel Business Club evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has fundamentally changed all businesses and many of the Clubs portfolio have had to amend their strategy to address the new normal. The Club has been instrumental in both advising and supporting the portfolio to adapt and prosper. The Clubs invesments have been very resilient and many have prospered in these times. This active oversight has ensured that the Clubs members have seen positive growth in their allocations when the markets have been extremely volatile.

The product itself, membership of the Club is more relevant in a post Covid era as careful and strategic management of the portfolio is ever more important.

What can we hope to see from Angel Business Club in the future?

The Club has now been in existence for 5 years and therefore we are beginning to see some of our earlier investments move ever closer to liquidity events in the near future.

Our focus will remain on identifying and supporting companies with outstanding potential with experienced management teams, a combination we believe will deliver results in a 5 to 10 year window no matter what challenges may come.

In combination with the above we hope to grow our community to give us greater bandwidth to access more mature opportunities to compete with the major players and finally democratise the world of Private Equity and Venture Capital.