Loral Quinn, Co-Founder and CEO at Sustainably: An Award-Winning FinTech Startup That She Founded with Her Daughter

Sustainably is a new way of living and giving. Our platform for giving brings people, businesses and good causes closer together. We turn payments into positive impact everyday. Sustainably is the only app where you can donate and track your impact, in frictionless ways.

With Sustainably, you simply link up your card or device and make a difference every time you spend or give monthly with privacy, transparency and control.

Users set their own donation limits, and are free to stop, start, pause or change them at any time. We and our charities never share your personal details. We’re also Gift Aid compatible, FCA-regulated and charge no user fees. And you can even track the impact you’ve made.

Named by Richard Branson as his start-up of the year 2019. Virgin Startup winner, 2018, Sustainably is backed by Barclays Techstars, Nesta, Startup Grind, Tech Nation and won Best of Show at Finovate. We also won £140k investment via WeWork’s Creator Awards, a global competition judged by Ashton Kutcher and Monzo’s co-founder.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


My co-founder/daughter and I came up with the idea in 2015 to help people make a positive impact every day, effortlessly. Many of us want to support charities but don’t want to commit to one cause and face the hassle and guilt of later cancelling.

Consumers want convenience, flexibility and transparency, but ‘giving tech’ hasn’t yet caught up. 4.9bn people could donate over $1 trillion to charity by 2030 – OECD. 86% of Gen Z and millennials (the UK’s biggest givers) want to donate via mobile and see their impact. 84% of charities are concerned about their ability to fundraise.

50%+ of donations are still made in cash, but we’re living in an increasingly cashless society. 94% of CEOs have a commitment to responsible business but only 14% have measurable plans in place (The Responsible Business Tracker). We saw a massive gap in the market and wanted to fix it.



How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Our unique technology provides a new daily income stream for good causes and data to help unlock new corporate partnerships – ask some of the 40 charities we already support, including Macmillan, Shelter and British Heart Foundation. By providing a continuous new revenue stream for good causes, we’re transforming frictionless giving.

What can we hope to see from Sustainably in the future?

Our SaaS platform for enterprise customers will enable the most visible and impactful CSR on the planet with the potential to unlock billions in unclaimed corporate match giving… and we already have FTSE100 companies signing up. We built Sustainably so every individual, every charity and every business in the world could use it. So you could say we have big ambitions!