Lorna Reeves, Founder & Director at MyOhMy Events and Women In Tech Judge, Explains What She’s Looking for From Entrants

Hey Lorna, tell us about yourself


Lorna has been in the world of Science and Tech her entire working life, from 15 years as a CSI, elbow-deep in forensics for the Met Police to starting her own businesses.

Lorna has huge experience in the world of tech and in fighting to be seen in a male-dominated industry.

Now Lorna’s company, MyOhMy Events, specialises in hybrid and face-to-face conferences globally. Delivering immersive and interactive events to Pharma, Bio Science and the Charity Sector the work to drive gender equality is still real.  Working with AV teams, streaming, coding and tech specialists and leading teams of men is always enlightening. Lorna’s company is an all-female crew and they thrive under her leadership as she empowers them to do what they are awesome at. Lorna is breaking the mould when it comes to company policy, employment contracts and team development – working on new ways to ensure she hires and retains the best talent and they are given the best to do their best work, bringing their whole selves to work.

Lorna champions women-owned businesses, women in STeM and encourages ALL businesses to review how they work to maximise their impact on the world for the better. Check out the MyOhMy Events podcast


What are you looking for from this year’s Women in Tech and Startup entrants?

I am seeking innovative initiatives that go beyond mere diversity quotas, focusing on genuine efforts to recruit, retain, and develop female talent in the tech industry. I value programmes that foster inclusive cultures, provide mentorship opportunities, and offer tailored career development paths for women. Additionally, I prioritise initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by women in tech, such as gender bias and lack of representation in leadership roles. Ultimately, I aim to recognize initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to creating a more equitable and supportive environment for women to thrive in the tech sector.

What advice would you give to entrants wanting to stand out from the crowd?


To stand out from the crowd in the Women in Tech awards, entrants should focus on showcasing the tangible impact and innovation of their initiatives for example providing measurable results that demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives, and concrete data that will highlight the impact of their efforts.

Showing collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders to strengthen their initiatives, this demonstrates to me a proactive approach and indicates a broader commitment to diversity and inclusion. Lastly, authenticity is key, sharing journeys, challenges and lessons learned are a great way to demonstrate a genuine desire to create a lasting impact.