Interview with Lottie Whyte, CEO & Co-Founder at SportsTech Company: MyoMaster

MyoMaster is one of the UK’s fastest-growing recovery tech companies, developing products that help athletes of every level improve performance and recover faster.

The business is built on one core belief that recovery is the third dimension, when you eat well, train smart and recover effectively you can achieve anything.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My co-founder Joe Gray and I set the intention that we wanted to start a business a year before we came up with the idea, then we spent the year questioning everything and exploring a ton of different ideas.

Joe is a professional rugby player and in early 2018 Joe developed Achilles tendonitis – the last thing any professional rugby player wants to have. Frustrated by his injury, he went looking for a solution. He dismantled a drill, welded on a stool leg and made a make-shift massage gun to treat his Achilles at home. What he didn’t know at the time was that he had just created the prototype for the MyoPro.

The next day, he took his new invention to Harlequins. Initially, he was met with the kind of banter you would expect a man holding a stool leg, attached to a drill in a rugby training room to receive. But it didn’t take long for his teammates to start trying and loving his massage tool. They straight away noticed the impact it was having on their sore post-training muscles. When England player, Kyle Sinckler, grabbed his wallet and asked ‘how much?’ Joe realised he had created something that even the most established athletes could benefit from.

This whole process got me thinking about the transformative impact tech like this could have on everyday athletes as well as professional ones. I was frustrated that everyday athletes like myself weren’t able to access recovery tools like elite athletes, everyone I knew was suffering from some sort of injury or niggle and was unsure what to do about it. So we created MyoMaster, developing a range of accessible recovery tech supported by education that means anyone can recover effectively anywhere.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Like so many businesses it was adapt or die, pre-Covid our business was largely B2B, and events based now a year on 90% of our revenue comes through our eCommerce platform. We used Covid as an opportunity to accelerate growth plans we already had and so far it’s proved to be hugely successful.

We are extremely lucky to have been operating in a sector that has grown during Covid and that has been reflected in our performance. This has allowed us to invest in the team and attract further investment so 2021 is going to be a pretty exciting year for us.
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What can we hope to see from MyoMaster in the future?

Big things. We are on a mission to build the biggest sports recovery brand in the world and our north star is that everybody who moves will utilise recovery to feel better and reach optimum performance. We’ve got a couple of really innovative new products in the pipeline that will absolutely transform how people can recover and treat their muscles and we are also developing software that will make recovery increasingly accessible for everybody.