Interview with Marie Farmer, Founder and CEO at Mini Mealtimes

Mini Mealtimes is a female and minority-led developing digital health app, designed to help parents with children under 18 understand and positively impact their kid’s nutritional needs. The app presents them with a formula that offers personalised nutrition reports that are fast, unbiased and intuitive.

Mini Mealtimes is trying to take away the stigma around it all. We’re award-winning and dietician and parent-approved! We also most recently won the best dietician app for 2021 by LiveWire and the most innovative new idea by Oxford Uni Foundry and The Prince’s Trust.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My son’s erratic eating habits and ultimate autism diagnosis inspired me to create the app Mini Mealtimes.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We’re a tech startup that started out as a remote team so the pandemic didn’t hit is us badly as it has for so many others. Healthy eating is now at the forefront of people’s minds which has meant we’ve seen more people using the app.

Parents have limited time so we’ve tried to expand our services to be more flexible. Originally we planned to go on a tour of schools and community centres but those plans had to be paused.

What can we hope to see from Mini Mealtimes in the future?

We’ll continue to run Mini Mealtimes keep an eye out our access to filters for allergies, religious or dietary restrictions and signposting to the cheapest but healthiest food options. The joint communities of BAME and SEN families need these features especially as they suffer from the worst health outcomes. We just launched online consultations and are actively looking for new dieticians and nutritionists to join the team