Meet Aaqib Gadit, CEO & Co-Founder of Cloud Hosting Platform: Cloudways

Tell us more about Cloudways

Founded in 2012 and acquired by DigitalOcean in 2022, Cloudways is an intuitive, one-click managed cloud hosting platform. The platform features a web app management function that easily launches cloud servers for the deployment of WordPress, Magento, and PHP. Put simply, Cloudways lets users host WordPress and WooCommerce websites on top of a variety of cloud-hosting providers.

Cloudways exists to support our customers. Agencies, SMBs, and individuals rely on us to save them time and money so they can focus on their passions and grow their business. The Cloudways platform features fast page load time, pro-active app monitoring, dedicated workflows, leading security including add-ons from Cloudflare and 24/7 premium support.

We’re proud of our industry-leading customer support ratings, exceptional value for money, and diverse choice of plans from leading providers that include Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and AWS.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Throughout my career, I’ve observed a common challenge faced by SMBs owners and agency founders. Despite being able to provide value to their customers, they found themselves dedicating a significant amount of time to application and infrastructure management.

These SMBs, lacking the extensive resources available to larger enterprises, encountered a substantial gap in their operational capabilities. At the same time, the technology landscape was undergoing a significant shift with the rise of cloud migration. However, the existing solutions available were ill-suited to address the needs of SMBs, with outdated customer experiences that failed to align with their requirements.

In response to these challenges, Cloudways emerged as a solution that bridged the gap. We introduced a comprehensive offering that combined application, infrastructure and cloud management.

Crucially, this was designed to be both cost-effective and user-friendly, catering specifically to the needs of SMBs. By offering these essential services at an attractive price point and enhancing the user experience, we addressed the pain points that were prevalent in the market.

In essence, Cloudways was born out of the need to provide SMBs with a streamlined path to cloud adoption. By offering a holistic solution that encompassed all aspects of cloud management and mitigated the complexities they faced, we empowered businesses to refocus on their core mission of delivering value to their customers.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the past couple of years, the macro events that have unfolded have reshaped the business landscape. The rapid advancements in technologies ranging from cloud computing to artificial intelligence, has fundamentally altered the way businesses, especially how SMBs function. Adopting these technologies has transitioned from being optional to a must have.

This technological shift prompted us to realign our offerings to better address the evolving needs and demands of SMBs. A particular urgent concern was security. The widespread adoption of remote work practices surged, consequently exposing SMBs to elevated cybersecurity risks.
We acknowledged the necessity to prioritise security and streamline workflows. As a result, our overarching vision has evolved to position us as a trusted partner that provides peace of mind to our customers. Through our solutions, we aid them in saving time, reducing costs, and generating revenue.

What can we expect to see from Cloudways in the future?

For Cloudways, our number one priority is to support the hosting needs of SMBs as they face ongoing challenges caused by current macroeconomic headwinds (such as rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis). In the future, you can expect to see us build additional solutions to help SMBs and scale-ups optimise their webpages to stay competitive against huge challenges that stand in their way. We have some significant announcements planned so watch this space!